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    ADMA Biologics Inc [NASDAQ:ADMA] Set for More Gains as FDA Approves Plasma COVID-19 Treatment

    By Nicholas K

    Aug 24,2020

    8:47 AM UTC

    ADMA Biologics Inc [NASDAQ: ADMA] is a top performer this afternoon. Like other companies that deal in plasma biologics, this stock has benefitted from the FDA’s approval of the use of blood plasma in the treatment of COVID-19.

    Yesterday, the FDA released a statement stating that it was issuing an Emergency Use Authorization for the use of plasma in the treatment of COVID-19 on the basis of prevailing scientific evidence showing that it works. Commenting on the move, the U.S Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar stated that the decision by the FDA was a huge milestone in the Trump administration’s efforts to fight the coronavirus. On his part, FDA Commissioner Stephen M.

    Hahn stated that the body was fully committed to releasing safe and helpful treatments for COVID-19. He added that it is on this basis that the FDA was authorizing the use of convalescent plasma after it had shown promising results in the fight against COVID-19. On the basis of prevailing evidence, the FDA had established that the use of convalescent plasma was effective in lowering the severe effects of the disease and in shortening the time that one spent in the hospital. It also established that the potential effects of the treatments were much lower than the possible benefits that come with using it.

    Why the gains?

    The company’s rally is in line with the market-wide rally touching on stocks that deal in plasma biologics. That’s because these companies already have the infrastructure for plasma-related treatments.  As such, investors expect that they will channel a sizeable portion of their resources towards the fight against COVID-19, a factor that could see these companies recorded revenue growth going into the future.

    ADMA Biologics has the infrastructure for use in developing plasma treatments for COVID-19. The company is specialized in immunoglobulins and is known for its capabilities in developing plasma-based treatments for infectious diseases. Since COVID-19 is an infectious disease, it falls right within the speciality of the company. Over the years, the company has developed a range of plasma-based therapeutics including for the treatment of pneumonia.

    The company also has the infrastructure for the collection of blood plasma, which places it right in the centre for the collection of blood plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients. On this basis, it stands to keep gaining as investors expect it to be at the centre of the fight against COVID-19 in the U.S.

    About ADMA Biologics Inc

    ADMA Biologics Inc is a biopharma company. It is based in Ramsey, New Jersey.

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