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    Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) agreed to deal with China United Network Communications Ltd.


    Nov 30,2020

    10:03 AM UTC

    Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG), China’s leading mobile development service provider, recently announced that with China United Network Communications Limited Beijing Branch, it has entered into a 5G strategic partnership framework agreement and a 5G messaging link test agreement. The two landmark agreements make Aurora Mobile Beijing Unicom’s 5G strategic partner and 5G messaging partner, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Aurora Mobile as it cooperates with telecom providers to support 5G messaging applications in China.

    A significant aspect of the new-generation digital networks is 5G networking, also known as Rich Networking Facilities. Not only can 5G RCS upgrade networking services by replacing existing short messaging services, but it also provides the information service industry with a key inflection point. Based on international information service principles of the next decade, 5G RCS networks will embrace diversified multimedia formats beyond the text, including audio and video, eCards, and location information, greatly widening the number of communications that users will send and receive. It would also enable users to have a more in-depth digital contact experience, enabling them to access “one-stop services” in message windows, with search, discovery, engagement, and payment features.

    The agreement signed with Beijing Unicom to endorse the 5G RCS messaging link test reveals the industry-wide acclaim and belief that Aurora Mobile commands with its 5G RCS technological capability. The next moves will include keeping track with the accelerated rollout of 5G networks in China by Aurora Mobile, delivering additional resources to fuel the 5G RCS messaging ecosystem of Beijing Unicom, gaining deeper visibility into consumer demands, and extending high-quality G services.

    In the future, Aurora Mobile will continue to exploit its strategic advantages in the area of mobile Internet and the study and production of big data by effectively promoting the growth of 5G markets through its partnership with Beijing Unicom and all parties throughout the 5G ecological business chain. The Organization will continue to concentrate on the discovery, creativity, and growth of intelligent 5G RCS messaging technology-related apps, as it further embraces the ecosystem of connectivity networks and accelerates digital transition through different industries.

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