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      Chromia (CHR) coin: Recent developments to fuel the price? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      March 26, 2021

      11:05 AM UTC

      Chromia (CHR) coin: Recent developments to fuel the price? - Stocks Telegraph

      Chromia (CHR) coin started off the new year with a price level of $0.021 but the year has been more than kind to the cryptocurrency as it is trading hands at $0.41 apiece, as of this writing. The all-time high was established by Chromia in early March at $0.70 while the cryptocurrency fell subsequently, it has still maintained a good performance. After some minor market corrections, Chromia (CHR) has, once again, departed on an upward trend.

      In the past 24 hours, the price of the cryptocurrency has rallied upward by around 40% while the daily trading volume has increased by 300%. The cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $173,502,620 which has increased by 37%. Although the coin is ranked at 195, its ranking is expected to improve drastically if Chromia is able to continue its upward trend.

      The market outlook for Chromia (CHR) coin is bullish. The technical indicators for the coin are giving out a signal of buy.

      Recent developments

      Chromia is a new blockchain platform meant for decentralized apps. The network was launched as a result to the many problems that DApp developers face on the existing network. The aims of Chromia is to improve the user experience, boost scalability and allow DApp developers to reach a larger audience base. The native token of the platform goes by the same name, Chromia (CHR). 

      My Neighbor Alice

      The cryptocurrency came under the spotlight as one of the major games that is based on the block chain – My Neighbor Alice – announced the native token ALICE of the game is set to be listed by Binance. Chromia announced yesterday that Chromia stakers will have access to lottery tickets for a land sale in the game, My Neighbor Alice. The first land sale is set for tomorrow and users will be able to purchase plots through the token ALICE. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are used to represent the land plots in the game. The lottery has a huge portion of the user base excited and price of Chromia is expected to experience any surge.


      Chromia network has extensive plans for expansion in 2021 and the plan has already been set in motion. The network announced its partnership with Coinko – a cryptocurrency community and news outlet based in South Korea. The partnership was decided with the motive of increasing the presence of Chromia network and cryptocurrency in south Korea.

      Another partnership that was recently announced by the network was with another network by the name of Ankr. Ankr is a block chain node hosting solution and will aid Chromia with expanding its number of nodes.

      The Chromia network has been active and the recent developments are fueling the upward price movements. As the network has already been vocal about its expansion plans for 2021, further upward price movements can be expected.

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