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      Why Has CLSD Stock Skyrocketed In Premarket Trading? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 15, 2021

      1:25 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      June 15, 2021

      1:27 PM UTC

      Why Has CLSD Stock Skyrocketed In Premarket Trading? - Stocks Telegraph

      Shares of Clearside Biomedical Inc. (CLSD) were up 35.10% in premarket trading at $4.08. By the close of last session, CLSD’s stock was trading at $3.02, +0.33%, or $0.01. The share price of Clearside stock has increased 52.53% over the previous twelve months, and has fallen by -4.43% over the past one week. As a result of the positive safety results of an ongoing clinical study, CLSD stock has been skyrocketing before the market opens.

      For what purpose was that study conducted?

      Clearside Clearside is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures treatments that restore and preserve vision in people with serious diseases of the back of the eye. The CLSD SCS Microinjector is designed to deliver fluid directly into the suprachoroidal space (SCS) and grants unparalleled access to the macula, retina, and choroid areas, where sight-threatening diseases often develop.

      Located inside an office, CLSD’s SCS injection platform provides a non-surgical, inherently flexible, non-invasive process for delivering medication to the site of disease and is capable of working with both established and new forms of medications.

      Clearside today reported today positive safety results from Cohort 1 of this ongoing Phase 1 / 2a clinical trial of its CLS-AX shot via its SCS Micro Injector device into six patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD).

      • The primary endpoints were achieved in Cohort 1, when CLS-AX was well tolerated at the lowest planned dose of 0.03 mg.
      • CLSD’s Cohort 1 did not exhibit any serious adverse events or treatment-related adverse events during the study period.
      • No signs of inflammation, no vasculitis, no intraocular pressure (IOP)-related negative safety signals, no drug dispersion or any other adverse events associated with the medication were observed in any of the patients reviewed by CLSD.

      CLSD’s further plans for the study:

      After reviewing the data OASIS Safety Monitoring Committee at Clearside (CLSD) has moved the study to Cohort 2. CLSD expects to start Cohort 2 of screening patients to receive 0.1 mg of CLS-AX in June 2021 with completion of this four-month study expected by December 2021.

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