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      Coins that are fighting hard to make it big - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      June 16, 2022

      5:45 PM UTC

      Coins that are fighting hard to make it big - Stocks Telegraph

      Since the market is in a slump, this is a perfect opportunity for bear traders to capitalize on alt-coins that they feel have potential. This investment will result in a number of tokens achieving an all-time high. The following are the tokens:


      Ndau is one more association with elevated objectives, from certain perspectives. They need to make a stablecoin that expands in its vale. Considering that no legislatures have legitimized cryptographic forms of money, it is trying to accomplish this by coming into viable legal agreements. The traders keep on putting stock in the coin. At this time, the worth of NDAU is at an untouched high of $14.61.It has displayed positive growth even in this volatile market.

      Peace DAO

      Peace DAO is striving toward world peace. It is built on the BNB Smart Chain. Through their platform, Peace DAO wants to give those that work towards peaceful resolutions of conflicts a reward. In layman’s terms, PeaceDAO has the aspirations of a metaverse that will award the blockchain version of the Noble Peace Prize. PeaceDAO reached its all-time high value today of $2.38 which is a 133% increase from its all-time low.


      Artists should be rewarded for their art. This idea is not new to crypto and certainly, OLOID seems to understand this. The artists will be holders and through the platform, they will be rewarded in USDT. Through OLOID, investors can reinvest their money. Even though it reached its all-time low value a couple of days ago, it has managed to achieve an all-time high of $0.0109.

      Beau Cat

      The beauty-based coin has continued to grow and grow. It reached its all-time high value a couple of days ago at $43.45 but just in two days, it has gained a value of $55.44. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Beau Cat provides a platform for its users for beauty-related products.

      Tari World

      Tari is a platform that shall allow businesses to network with each within a metaverse sort of setting. It is built on the Klayton chain. Through the Tari world, proper channels for communications for businesses shall be made and the second the fees shall be drastically reduced in cryptocurrency brokering. This coin has seen a constant climb over the last week too with it reaching its all-time high value of $18.98 today when it was at an all-time low on the 10th of June.

      Top Movers (24H)

      The crypto market is attempting to stage a rally after a tumultuous week. But the movement still seems as volatile as ever. The usual suspects are faring better than others. Here are the biggest movers in the past twenty-four hours:


      EGLD is one of those coins that is attempting to pave its own way forward in face of the giants such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Through sharding technology, EGLD wants to resolve the problem of scalability and employ an ecosystem conducive to the transactions of a digital currency. Over the past twenty-four hours, EGLD has seen an increase of 20.33%, the highest of the day. Its current value is $50.51.


      This is the 14th-ranked coin on coinmarketcap. Over the last week, TRX has dropped from $0.081 to its current value of $0.05947.  But it was way in the dumps too. Over the past twenty-four hours, it has been trying to rally an increase. Currently, 18.61% in value has occurred. It was based on Ethereum but then moved on to its own network.


      It seems as if HNT is always in the top movers and the gainers. The ambitious goal of HNT is not unknown to veteran traders in the market. But they also realize that there is a long way to go before the Internet-of-Things network is commercialized and popularized. Currently, the value of an HNT is $10.48 which is an increase of 16.80% over the previous week.


      Known for its trading of DeFi tokens, Uniswap aims to become the platform where exchanges can occur seamlessly. Its efficiency relies on resolving liquidity through its automated system that happens in other decentralized exchanges. Furthermore, it has a governance token that will allow users on how they want to move forward with the token. Over the last day, UNI has also made a gain of 16.49%. Its current value is $4.


      Solana is the ninth-ranked coin and it has big endeavors. Before the downward spiral of the market, Solana reached a value of $260.06 but due to the slow transactions and its system being off most of the time, the currency lost a lot of steam. But currently, it seems that bears are capitalizing on its price drop. Over the past twenty hours, it has seen a gain of 15.58%, and currently, its value is around $31.47.

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