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      CREX Pumps Big in The After-Hours, Following Sizeable Insider Buying - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      March 30, 2022

      8:48 AM UTC

      CREX Pumps Big in The After-Hours, Following Sizeable Insider Buying - Stocks Telegraph

      Following yesterday’s slow trade session, netting in a 1.96% drop, Creative Realities, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREX) took off with an instantaneous 9.76% jump to $0.90. Later stabilizing at $0.87, this remarkable after-hours surge brings significant hope to investors in terms of recovering prior CREX losses. Bulls remain optimistic that that jump indicates a potential reversal of the persistent drop in price, tracing back to mid-November. Yesterday saw an all-time low for CREX, after touching the $0.82 mark, dropping 41.4% since the start of the year. The digital marketing solutions provider has been under the collective market spotlight following its recent growth surge, across social media chatter.

      CREX Filing of SEC Form 4

      The direct trigger leading to the abrupt surge in stock price links to a recent SEC filing released. This indicated a material change in ownership after Director Harris Donald purchased 75,400 of CREX ordinary stock. This pushes the director’s holdings in Creative Realities up to a total of 266,293 shares in the company, spiking optimism. Traders were quick to react to this driving up the price in the after-market hours, as they perceived a potential undervaluation. Given the information advantage to insiders, the market justifiably anticipates future growth to be realized and has driven up the price. Furthermore, the timing of the stock being near to an all-time low, at the time of the transaction reinforces an upcoming bullish trajectory.

      Prospects for Creative Realities Inc.

      The growth prospects for Creative Reality Inc. do not anchor on hype and anticipation alone but draw on solid factors. Its positive earnings release last Tuesday resulted in a 6% price surge, indicating the growth potential inherent to the stock. Similarly, on Thursday it announced participation in the 2022 Virtual Conference hosted by Maxim Group LLC, hosted in New York. The event will be attended by high-class investors from across the country, giving CREX a significant opportunity for exposure. The company seems to be one of high potential, and the recent SEC filing has further raised investors’ hopes.


      CREX surged in the after-hours session, late last night, creating hype amongst market participants. The unexpected optimism links to a sizeable insider buying, by a Creative Realities Director, worth approximately $65,000. The company’s positive financial performance, and growth prospects, justify this hype and enhance its potential to sustain in the long term.

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