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      Crypto Market Sentiment and Winners - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 2, 2022

      8:33 AM UTC

      Crypto Market Sentiment and Winners - Stocks Telegraph

      When uncertainty plagues the markets, investors take a speculative stance, and assume confidence levels of the wider market, before entering or exiting trade positions. With the crypto fear & greed index, however, traders have access to objective and comparable metrics by which they may gauge the wider sentiment of the cryptocurrency markets. This figure, at present stands at a dangerous low of 20, which is the most fearful the crypto market has been in the last 45 days. This indicates that the market is presently categorized in the ‘extreme fear’ zone, based on sentimental analysis.

      Crypto sentiment

      Judging by the trend of the prior days and weeks, the index is progressively worsening by the day, with investors increasingly becoming on edge in relation to cryptocurrencies. Yesterday the index stood at 23, whereas last week it was 25. Exactly a month ago, market sentiment was at 31. If present trends continue, the market could see heavy selloffs that bring even the mightiest of crypto-kings to their knees.

      ATH coins

      Although the market is largely hesitant as a whole, towards investing in crypto-assets, many have broken records in their impressive climbs nonetheless. Assessing these digital assets helps identify where pockets of interest remain in the market, and where existing bulls are rallying up prices. As of the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies hit the ATH mark:


      GMX was among the big crypto-winners of recent days, which reached a peak price of $50.37 earlier today. Its rise to the top is especially epic considering that it has pushed upward, despite the sharp rises and falls, since hitting an all-time low of $13 in June. To put this into context, on the 11th of August, GMX fell by over 30% over a week-long period, only to shoot back up to a new high, and cross the $50 mark. (CHO) is another name that reached an all-time high, in an especially remarkable manner. Just 20 days prior, CHO fell hard in a dismal plummet of 35%, taking it to its all-time low of $0.748. The last few days, however, brought surging interest to the cryptocurrency, with its price climbing high, eventually reaching an all-time peak of $1.35, earlier today. At present, it has not fallen too far off this ATH and is currently standing at $1.31.


      VKR also demonstrated an incredible trend, pushing up to a new high of $0.220. What is most incredible about the VKR price trajectory is its seemingly uninterrupted upward momentum, for the entirety of the previous month. As a result of this persistent upward push, the digital asset continues reaching new ATH levels with each passing hour and even day. Its daily growth is now steady at a mere 1% per day indicating its incredible stability. It is extraordinary to consider that VKR has grown by over 2300% since its initiation just over a month ago.


      Thrupenny (TPY) was another name amongst the rising cryptocurrencies, which also soared to an all-time high. TPY, is a young token that has been trading for only 20 days. It had seen an overall steady rise amidst sharp swings in both directions. Monday saw its price truly rocket from $0.291 to its ATH of $0.340, in a 16% climb in a matter of hours. Volume for TPY continues to rise above the $2.3 million mark, indicating that there are still many fights left in the cryptocurrency.


      Mancium (MANC) too had undertaken a record climb to a peak price of $9.47. Unlike others on this list, however, MANC has proven to be quite the rollercoaster in its price trajectory, plummeting by nearly 60% in the last 24 hours alone. At present, it trades at a low of $2.38, down nearly 75% from its momentary peak. It appears that most betting on this cryptocurrency have had their gains, and have exited their positions.

      Top Movers (24H)

      Top moving cryptocurrencies are among the most widely followed metrics by investors and enthusiasts focusing on the digital asset markets. They showcase which coins and tokens delivered exceptional gains in the day, and thus have a strong probability of seeing momentum push further on. As per the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies stand as the day’s top movers:

      Katana Inu

      Katana Inu (KATA) took the lead amongst the winners of the day, shooting up from $0.00026, right up to $0.00044, which reflected a jump of almost 70% in barely a few hours. Despite such a rocketing climb, seemingly out of nowhere, KATA has maintained most of its gains, which presently stand at 65%. Volume in the last 24 hours has surged by 265%, to $2.6 million, which suggests the climb is expected to continue upwards.

      Terra Classic

      Terra Classic (LUNC) also performed spectacularly, seeing a price jump from $0.00016 to $0.00024, denoting a jump of 60%, within a single day. What is most incredible about LUNC is not its impressive single-day rise, but rather its daily trade volume, which has more than tripled in the last 24 hours, surpassing the $1 billion figure. Interest surrounding LUNC is unmatched, and given the present market climate, is extraordinary. This flight may very well be record-breaking.


      Xana (XETA) continued its remarkable performance and made it on today’s list of big winners. Yesterday its price was at $0.0373 with a trading volume of over $9 million. Today proved to be a game-changer, as XETA rocketed 84% to $0.0686, while its trade volume exploded to $170 million. Racking up such large numbers, the day has proven to be a wild roller coaster, with its present gains leveled at 52%.

      Kripto Koin

      Kripto Koin (KRIPTO) also made the news given its nearly 54% single-day jump from $0.001433 to $0.002201. Considering the equally incredible rise of the previous day, KRIPTO has soared by 89% in just a two-day window. This upward momentum driving up the price of the cryptocurrency could very well continue into the next day, given its trade volume rising close to the $1.5 million mark.

      Terra Classic USD Wormhole

      Terra Classic USD Wormhole (USTC) went on an epic growth spurt today shooting up 45% to $0.0369. At present, with the volatilities in both directions, these gains are presently level at 40%, with a clear indication of resistance to an even higher climb. Following its surge, trade volume also appears to be flattening at the $9 million mark, eventually before its dip.

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