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    Crypto Market Weekly Recap – BTC, ETH, BNB, LUNA

    By Ammar Mukhtar

    Jun 15,2022

    10:25 PM UTC

    As of writing, Bitcoin has seen a massive drop in prices over the past twenty-four hours, over 17% to almost 21.4K. This is mainly due to the raise in FED energy prices that is feared to affect mining as a whole. Ethereum has also followed suit with a drop of 16.76% over the past twenty-four hours.

    Read the following to figure out about the current market and what you can do in this tumultuous market.

    Highlights of the week

    • In the past twenty-four hours, we have seen a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). At the time when this article is being put down into words, BTC is being traded for $21.4K which is a drop of around 17%.
    • Ethereum has also gone through a major devaluation with the fall of bitcoin with its value decreasing 16.76% over the past twenty-four hours. Currently, Ethereum has a value of $1234.56 at the time of writing.
    • The BNB token has also sustained major losses with the value first fluctuating between $225 and $220 before falling to $200. A few more losses may affect the price of the coin more negatively and it is predicted to be around $190.
    • BinanceUS sued for selling LUNA and UST
    • Do Kwon deny accusations of withdrawing $2.7 billion from the Terra ecosystem before its collapse?
    • Edward Snowden advised to use cryptocurrencies, but not to invest in them
    • Jack Dorsey’s company introduced the concept of the Web5 web platform
    • The crypto market is falling with the industry reaching a new low in recent years but Polka Dot has increased the development of its platform and its forthcoming ecosystem.
    • Ukraine’s new fundraising platform is supporting more than a hundred cryptocurrencies.
    • The Bank of Sweden called for a ban on bitcoin for the sake of ecology
    • VanEck CEO Predicts Bitcoin Growth to $250,000
    • Criminal cases that have crypto in their transactions have seen an increase at about 40%.

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