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      Crypto Winners This Week

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 11, 2022

      6:01 AM UTC

      Crypto Winners This Week

      Despite the market-shattering news, we scan for the pockets of optimism still existing across the crypto market, where resilient bulls continue to push up the prices of the cryptocurrencies they believe in. A number of coins had been caught up in this persistent rally and had successfully made it to new highs not surpassed before. These cryptocurrencies are as follows:

      ATH coins


      Crypto Volatility Token (CVOL) took off spectacularly in recent days, more than doubling its price from below $60 to almost $128. This denoted an all-time high for the token, since being in circulation from late February, this year. The rise amounts to CVOL being a safeguard crypto-asset, as it is pegged to the volatility of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, hence the bullish rally towards it.


      Crypteriumcoin (CCOIN) has also been a top performer in these tumultuous times, despite being in the market for a little over a week. Its trajectory has been upward without a drop, and it has constantly been raising its bar with each coming day. At present, it made it to $0.0334, a record high, which it is set to continue to surpass, in the coming hours and days, until the market settles on an adequate fair value for it.

      AllStars Digital

      AllStars Digital (ASX) has been seeing an epic price rally in recent days, that has pushed its price up from $0.069 to an all-time high of $0.099, in less than a week. The interest around ASX comes after it received its verification status from Coin Market Cap, during the start of the month, and has resulted in a volume surge. Many expect the take-off to continue by a considerable degree and reach new heights in the coming days.

      Mafia World Cup 

      Mafia World Cup (MWC), the recently launched cryptocurrency has been booming ever since being introduced to the wider crypto-market. It has taken on a phenomenal climb today, and almost quadrupled its price from $0.0069 to $0.0282. MWC is essentially a betting token, and one that is pushed by the risk-averse folk in the market, hence its take-off in these market conditions.


      Petals (PTS) has been in full-throttle this past week, climbing from $0.00119 to phenomenal highs, and ultimately hitting a peak price of $0.00362, earlier today. Since July, PTS has constantly been climbing to high peaks and seeing immediate price corrections. This latest mark for the cryptocurrency is the highest its ever it reached, and has impressively maintained these gains.

      Top Movers (24H)

      With all the fear surrounding the market, and many saying that a short-term collapse is underway, most cryptocurrencies have been having a rough shakeout in the last few days. Even the crypto-stars themselves, BTC and ETH had not been immune from these disruptions. However, sifting through the wide sea of losers, certain cryptocurrencies emerge as delivering substantial gains, in the last 24 hours. These crypto-names, as supported by their persistent backers, at the time of this Stocks Telegraph issue, are as follows:

      Counos X

      Counos X (CCXX) was the most significant of the day’s winners, which saw a price surge from $36 to over $170, translating to a daily gain of 372%. With a trading volume of nearly $3 million, CCXX seems to be a favorite among bulls, and has been rising phenomenally from the $18 mark, throughout the week. The cryptocurrency has remained stable at that starting point since May 2022, until its recent take-off, which has surprisingly picked up speed after the BTC & ETH crashes.


      Peanut (NUX) saw a spectacular price take-off today, pushing its price up from $0.0115 to $0.0413. This 220% climb amounts to Peanut’s largest single-day rise in 2022, with a volume figure that is constantly shooting up by the hour. The rally seemingly links to the business partnership announcement between Peanut and, which many are taking highly positively.


      Cryptofi (CFI) is a project that saw its token launch in the market in the last three days, and remained mostly stable, until a price shoot-up earlier today. Since then, CFI has more than doubled its price from $0.00015 to $0.00031. At one point during the day, it had peaked at the $0.00055 mark, which was a short-lived all-time high, seeing an immediate price correction. This new NFT game project continues to gather a fan following and a price rally, that is impressive to watch unfold.

      Mask Network

      Mask Network (MASK) is one of the most prominent names on today’s list of top crypto movers, not due to the magnitude of its gains, but rather as a result of its trade volume of over $470 million. This crypto-asset, amid such heavy volume, has climbed from $2.42 to $3.34, translating to a single-day climb of almost 40%. The project has been in the public’s eye since its announcement this week of launching a social media platform, named Firefly.


      Marinade (MNDE) saw an epic climb today from $0.08 to an impressive $0.24, which bought its crypto-holders an appreciation of 300%. Despite the volume of $6.42 million seen today, this gain could not sustain and had fallen to 113%, as MNDE dropped to $0.17. Since the project relates to the staking of SOL, and getting liquid mSOL, it is no surprise that Marinade has been climbing against the wider crash.

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