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      Dent (DENT) price prediction: To the moon? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      March 23, 2021

      12:05 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 23, 2021

      12:08 PM UTC

      Dent (DENT) price prediction: To the moon? - Stocks Telegraph

      Dent (DENT) coin is one of the cryptocurrencies stealing the show with its performance. The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.00026 in December and the bulls failed to pick it up drastically. However, in March Dent coin started portraying signs of increased bullish momentum and the cryptocurrency shot upwards. At the time of writing, Dent stands at $0.013 – which has also been established as its 52-week high.

      In the 24-hour time frame, the price of the cryptocurrency went up by 67% while the daily trading volume surged by a whopping 400%. Dent stands at a market rank of 74 with a market capitalization of $1,187,198,980 – which also increased by around 70%.

      What is Dent?

      The aim of the organization is to liberalize the mobile data market and cut down all the costs associated with using data roaming like buying local sim cards and paying high charge fees. Dent ecosystem uses mobile data as any other good or commodity. Users can buy or sell mobile data through the platform.

      The platform is built on the Ethereum block chain as a decentralized app through smart contracts with its own token by the same name, DENT. The native token is used for transactions on the network. Users utilize DENT token to buy or sell mobile data. The network gives greater flexibility to users when it comes to buying mobile data which results in less wastage of unused mobile data.

      Future predictions

      Digital Coin Price forecasts have placed the cryptocurrency on an upward trend in the coming years. Per their estimates, Dent is increasing by approximately $0.01 each year. The cryptocurrency is estimated to have a price level of $0.055 by 2028. Wallet Investor, on the other hand, is bearish on the cryptocurrency and has placed Dent at a price level of $0.0061 after a year.

      Many traders and investors are ardent believers of the Dent technology and in a world that is fast moving towards total digitization, data is going to become crucial. But as internet connectivity becomes a necessity, exploitation in terms of high charges is going to increase tenfold which is why the solution that Dent offers is going to gain popularity.

      Can Dent cross $1?

      Up until some time ago, traders were not highly bullish on the cryptocurrency given its near stagnant growth but Dent coin has pleasantly surprised everyone with its recent performance. Where hitting the $1 mark seemed like a naïve goal has now become an achievable goal. Dent has crossed most of the price targets set by traders and investors.

      Dent has garnered partnerships with Samsung Block chain. GSMA, Telecom Infra Project, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and many more. The wireless technology of Dent is on the rise and with increasing popularity, the cryptocurrency can possibly cross $1.

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