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    Golar LNG Limited (GLNG) extends long-standing FLNG partnership with Black & Veatch Corporation


    Nov 20,2020

    9:28 AM UTC

    Golar LNG Limited (GLNG) announced that it has agreed to extend its long-standing FLNG partnership with Black & Veatch Corporation and enter into a cooperation arrangement in the areas of floating ammonia processing, carbon capture, green LNG, and hydrogen.

    Golar brings its broad knowledge in delivering and running a paradigm-changing low-cost floating operating LNG platform to the partnership, and B&V also brings a deep background in renewable innovation as a leading supplier of LNG technology.

    Golar and B&V plan to jointly publish a thought leadership paper on our main area of focus for cooperation, floating carbon capture, and storage ammonia production within 2020.

    Golar and B&V expect to continue to jointly publish our thoughts in subsequent months while we concentrate on the technological and economic feasibility of the most promising floating green and blue technology developments and areas of concern that we intend to jointly explore.

    The production and execution of any proposal following the early stages of study and research is subject to a separate contractual arrangement between the two firms.

    “Replacement of coal, fuel oil, and diesel with cleaner-burning LNG is one of the simplest and most cost-effective near-term steps to decarbonize the world’s energy mix,” Golar CEO Iain Ross said.

    “With its low cost accelerated distribution infrastructure technologies and new use of BIO LNG, Golar and Hygo Energy Transfer are incredibly well placed to push this. A Net Null Carbon Energy Blend will be expected. With a tradition of accomplishments and innovative solutions to challenges in its sector and serious attention to its ESG agenda, Golar looks ahead, in the area of floating ammonia and the manufacture of hydrogen, carbon capture, and other decarbonization measures, to partnering with a likeminded and even competent partner,” he added.

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