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      Google Announces Updates To Make Google Search Work Better

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      October 16, 2020

      1:33 PM UTC

      Google Announces Updates To Make Google Search Work Better

      Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has announced that it has decided to make a number of improvements in its core search engine to improve the experience of users. The company is planning to use AI to provide a seamless experience to its users by answering their questions with very specific answers. Google aimed to better handle the broad questions of users and typos in their queries.

      In the past 22 years, Google has made tremendous progress and always tried to make Google Search better for users every day. With the emergence of new technological advancements and the evolution of AI, Google strive to bring the AI in its products to execute its mission to organize the world’s information and make it accessible universally and useful.

      Some of the new updates of Google will really be helpful and some updates will only be for fun, but all are aimed at providing the best search result to the user. Google Search is already using the AI-based Algorithm to improve the search results but the company is trying to improve its more.

      Google disclosed that 1 in 10 searches every day are misspelled but the ‘Did You Mean’ generator is already doing a good job. But the company revealed that it is launching a new spelling algorithm to improve its ability to detect what the user is really searching for and will provide the result in just 3 milliseconds. This single change will make an improvement in spelling. This will be the greatest achievement of the company over the course of the last five years.

      Google Search also improved in a way that it will now provide the user-specific paragraphs or segments of video they are searching for. Sometimes the single sentence that solves the query of the user might be ranked in the deep web pages. But now Google has made improvements and announced that it will not only index web pages but also index individual passages from web pages. This new update of Google will improve the 7% of search queries across all languages as it launched it out globally.

      It has also made improvements in navigation so that things will be executed in a better way. Its Live busyness updates help people to know the busy places so that they can social distance themselves. It has also added a new feature of the Live view. Google has also planned to add COVID-19 safety information front and center on Business Profiles across Google Search and Maps.

      Alphabet Inc. has also announced that it is testing new technology in which it will use an AI-driven approach to better understand the semantics of videos and identify the important moments’ users are looking for. Google has also announced the updates in shopping features.

      If you don’t remember the song you just try to hum the song then Google will recognize it and will play for you.  The ‘hum to search’ feature will retrieve the song which was stuck in your mind.  Additionally, Google has also added new features in the search engine, Maps, and voice assistant to aid voters in the US to find their nearest voting locations.


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