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    High Potential Stocks to Watch Despite Weak Market Sentiment

    By Nicholas K

    Aug 20,2020

    7:10 AM UTC

    It’s a weak start to the markets as investors await weak labor data from the labor department. Investors are also digesting the cautious data from the Federal Reserve about the economy. Members of the Federal Open Markets Committee are in agreement that the current health crisis could continue to weigh heavily on the U.S economy including on employment and inflation.

    The Federal Reserve was also in agreement that the pandemic would pose a risk to the economy in the near-term. This has created an element of uncertainty in the markets, raising fears that equities could be highly overvalued at the moment. Despite the dampened mood, there are stocks that are doing well this morning and have the potential to do well all through the day. Some of the stocks that posed for major gains in the day are as below:

    OpGen Inc [NASDAQ: OPGN]

    OpGen Inc has started the day on a high note and continues the momentum that started earlier in the day. This follows the company’s announcement that its German subsidiary has received certification for its COVID-19 test kit.

    Commenting on the development, CEO Oliver Schacht stated that the launch of this product as part of the company’s commitment to supporting its customers and distributors of COVID-19 test kits. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world economy and testing is one of the ways that the pandemic is being tackled. In essence, by advancing its testing tools in the EU market, the company is uniquely positioned for growth.

    AirNet Technology Inc [NASDAQ: ANTE]

    This is another big mover this morning and started, gaining upside momentum in pre-market trading. The stock’s strong gains follow the company’s announcement that it had got a capital injection from Dragonpass Co.Ltd. The agreement between the two companies stated that the investment would be in installments and that the next installment would be around RMB 20 million.

    CEO, Herman Guo stated that the company was happy with the investment and that it would use it to fuel growth, and open new opportunities. Given that the markets are currently choppy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a capital injection is likely to keep investor interest in this stock high all through the day.

    Xcel Brands Inc [NASDAQ: XELB]

    Xcel Brands Inc is another top performer this morning. This comes after the company released impressive  Q2 results. The company reported that it had improved its balance sheet in the quarter and that it was still on track to cut on expenses. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced that it maintained positive cash flows in the quarter. This is likely to keep the stock gaining all through the day.


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