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      Hot ICOs to Watch Out For - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      March 31, 2022

      4:25 PM UTC

      Hot ICOs to Watch Out For - Stocks Telegraph

      ICOs can be utilized to maximize the yields from the cryptocurrency market. Get involved in crypto projects right from the beginning through ICOs. Here are some of the active ICOs going on in the market:

      Active ICOs

      ChainPort is a next-gen blockchain bridge that provides custodian-level security with real interoperability, allowing instant hops across chains at a click. The token sale for the project will end today and it has managed to raise $7.15 million up till now. They have completed the 57% of their goal.

      Moonwell is an open lending & borrowing DeFi protocol built on Moonbeam and Moonriver. Moonwell will hold a Public Sale on the 30. Mar. The Public Sale will happen on Tokensoft. The token sale will end in 9 days. They have a whitelist till 6th April. Their total tokens are 5B with 500 million for sale in the fundraising.

      Gravis Finance is a unique ecosystem that unites DeFi with the Gmart NFT marketplace for in-game assets and the highly anticipated online game. Gravis Finance will hold an Initial Dex Offering on the 21. Mar. The IDO will happen on Metaverse Lab Launchpad, Matic, AXL Token, and many others. The token sale will end in 9 days. They have raised 67% of their goal and now have around $2.07M.

      Legion Network is a blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry into one Super App. Legion Network has held an Initial Dex Offering on the 17. Feb. The IDO will happen on Trustswap. Their token sale is active and they have raised about 18% of their final goal. They now have $2.6M.

      Pax World is an open metaverse that not only addresses the shortcomings highlighted above but is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience is an accessible manner for the widest possible user base. Pax World has held an Initial Dex Offering on the 24. Feb. The IDO is happening on GameZone, MetaVPad. They have raised 93% of their final goal and now have around $6.29M.

      Upcoming ICOs

      Spur-of-the-moment decisions do not end well in the market which is why it is necessary to do research if you don’t have a good idea about the ongoing ICO projects. Here are some upcoming projects that you can look into:

      Ego Paysenger is a new generation social network platform that allows influencers, experts, and investors to monetize their communication, giving the audience a chance to connect with those previously unreachable. Paysenger is more than a metaverse. EGO (Paysenger) will hold an IDO on Jul. 23% tokens would be available for sale.

      AdaSwap is the first market mover in the Cardano space aiming to spark the native DeFi ecosystem. It will host a gamified DEX and exclusive NFT marketplace. AdaSwap will hold a Strong Holder Offering. The SHO will happen on DAO Maker. AdaSwap will hold an Initial Dex Offering on the 4. Apr. The IDO will happen on Poolz.

      Creaton is a Web3 Content Creation platform and the first of its kind. Creaton will hold a Token Auction on the 4. Apr. The Token Auction will happen on Copper Launch. This platform allows you to subscribe to income from fans, ownership of the content with the help of NFTs. Permanent Storage. Last but not least it offers a minimal fee.

      Kyoko is a cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players. Kyoko will hold an Initial Dex Offering on the 5. Apr. The IDO will happen on Polkastarter. The ICO token price is fixed at 0.01USD. Their goal is to sell 10M tokens.

      AlgoBlocks is an ecosystem to simplify the manual progress for users to interact with the existing DeFi protocols across different blockchains. Algoblocks will hold an Initial Dex Offering on the 7. Apr. The IDO will happen on Poolz. They have a goal to sell 4.136M tokens.

      Ended ICOs

      Here is a list of some of the ended projects that have ended:

      • Brickken is a blockchain-based tokenization platform that allows tokenizing businesses and assets providing investors with opportunities to generate passive income.
      • Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social media power and creativity in the Metaverse. It held its ICO this month which has now ended.
      • Mecha Morphing is a fully decentralized ARPG game energized by the players in its metaverse. Their ICO has ended yesterday.
      • Itheum is a decentralized data brokerage platform that transforms your personal data into a highly tradable asset class. Their token sale has ended on the 28th of March. They have raised 100% of their fundraising goal.
      • Penguin Karts is an immersive 3D battle-racing game built on the blockchain. Their IDO ended on the 27th of March.

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