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    How Has The DTSS Stock Declined 7% In The Extended Trades?

    By ST Staff

    Jul 02,2021

    12:42 AM UTC

    Shares of technology company engaged in providing smart security solutions, smart hardware, and education-related technologies in China, Datasea Inc. (DTSS) were down -7.17% in after-hours trading at $2.20. Datasea stock closed the regular session at $2.37, falling -5.20% or $0.13. DTSS stock traded across a range of $2.33 to $2.4987. DTSS shares exchanged hands for 32.68K, a lower number than the company’s 50-day volume of 0.16 million and lower than its Year to date volume of 0.9 million.

    DTSS stock price has fallen 15.05% over the past year, -3.27 percent over the last week. DTSS stock has gained 12.86% in the last six months and has decreased by -30.29% in the last three months. Since the beginning of the year, the DTSS share price has returned 18.50%. After announcing collaboration around 5G messages standard, DTSS stock gained nearly 5% in two days, but yesterday, investors seem to have taken profit.

    What did DTSS’ 5G collaboration entail?

    Datasea, a Chinese technology company, provides smart hardware and smart security solutions, as well as education-related technology development. Furthermore, DTSS also offers education-related technologies as part of its comprehensive and optimized security solutions. Through the leveraging of proprietary technologies, intellectual property, innovative products, and market intelligence, DTSS provides comprehensive and optimized solutions for clients. Beijing’s finance, tax, as well as science and technology authorities have jointly certified DTSS as a High Tech Enterprise. Additionally, DTSS is a Zhongguancun High Technology Enterprise recognized for its high technology products.

    According to Datasea, it has entered into a cooperation agreement with National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Technology through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    • As part of the joint promotion of 5G Messaging standards in the express industry in China, DTSS’ subsidiary has joined National Engineering Laboratory.
    • YTO Express is one of the leading express companies in China.
    • YTO Express is the official sponsor of the National Engineering Laboratory, which is approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission.
    • By partnering with DTSS, the express industry will be able to access its 5G Message-marketing Cloud Platform (5G MMCP).
    • A collaboration between DTSS and National Engineering Laboratory is also underway to develop standards for transferring and exchanging logistics information, as well as promote the use of 5G messaging services.
    • In this partnership, National Engineering Laboratory and DTSS demonstrate their abilities to work together to develop international standards for 5G messaging in the express industry.

    What will this collaboration mean for DTSS in the future?

    The collaboration represents a landmark for Datasea (DTSS) since it acknowledges the company’s technological expertise and influence within the industry. DTSS will be able to respond to the needs of express delivery companies through the formulation of 5G messaging standards, which will not only improve operational efficiency and reduce costs of marketing and communication internally but also increase end customers’ satisfaction with logistics services and products.

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