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      How Has The Palisade Bio (PALI) Stock Appreciated 9% In The Extended Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      March 16, 2022

      7:49 AM UTC

      How Has The Palisade Bio (PALI) Stock Appreciated 9% In The Extended Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      Palisade Bio Inc. (PALI) shares have gained 8.47% at $1.28 in Tuesday’s after-hours session. Palisade Bio (PALI) stock added 21.96% to finish the last trading session at $1.18. The stock recorded a trading volume of 1.24 million shares, which is below the average daily trading volume published for the last 50 days of 0.99 million shares. PALI stock gained traction in after-hours trades as it is set to present new data in a major event.

      In which event will PALI be presenting?

      Palisade Bio (PALI) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical organization propelling treatments that assist patients with intense and persistent gastrointestinal difficulties coming from post-employable stomach-related catalyst harm. PALI’s inventive lead resource LB1148, progressing towards Phase 3, is a protease inhibitor with the possibility to both diminish stomach bonds and assist with reestablishing entrail work following a medical procedure.

      Palisade Bio (PALI) was chosen to present at The Next Big Thing meeting of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) 2022 Annual Meeting.

      PALI will introduce an ePoster named “Pooled-Analysis of Incidence and Severity of Post-Surgical Intraabdominal Adhesions following Bowel Resection Surgery and Treatment with Enteral Protease Inhibitor LB1148” during the gathering from March 16 – 19, 2022.

      • There is a huge neglected need to forestall grips with just about 7,000,000 medical procedures every year in the U.S. where patients are in danger for postoperative bonds.
      • Bonds can be viewed in up to 90% of cases after an intra-stomach medical procedures.
      • A few patients will endure deep-rooted difficulties, and it’s additionally assessed that the US clinical framework spends more than $2 billion every year on treating patients with postoperative grips.
      • With the clinical framework actually searching for safe therapeutics to lessen stomach bonds, PALI is amped up for the capability of LB1148 to forestall and moderate exorbitant and perilous results of a medical procedure.
      • PALI will be sharing extra information on the frequency and seriousness of grips from the pooled investigation of patients treated with LB1148.
      • The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute a Cedars-Sinai Affiliate, during a public webcast facilitated by Stonegate Capital Partners the morning of March 16.
      • The presentation will be webcast live and might be gotten to later on the Investors page of the PALI’s site.

      How might address Palisade Bio in the webcast?

      Stonegate Capital Partners will have a webcast on March 16, 2022, at 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time/7:30 a.m. to talk about the Palisade Bio (PALI) information. PALI’s Chief Medical Officer, Michael Dawson, M.D., will introduce the information and be joined by one of the investigators of the review, Ronald Hurst, M.D. at the gathering.

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