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      HUIZ Sees Massive Growth Following Robust Earnings and Share Repurchase Program - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      March 18, 2022

      1:41 PM UTC

      HUIZ Sees Massive Growth Following Robust Earnings and Share Repurchase Program - Stocks Telegraph

      Huize Holding Limited (HUIZ) has been at the forefront of impressive Chinese stocks making a bounce-back in the market. After modest gains of 5.5% during yesterday’s session, HUIZ shot up in the premarket by over 30%, taking traders by surprise. Two big market information updates seem to act as triggers for this takeoff. A recent earnings report update, and a share repurchase program amounting to $5 million for the Chinese investment brokerage firm.

      HUIZ Earnings Report

      The company’s released earnings report today delivered a breakthrough in the market, leading to the hype around the stock. The following areas were of particular importance to market participants in shaping the response of the market:

      • Gross Written Premiums, fundamental to the nature of business of HUIZ and the insurance brokerage sector, saw a phenomenal improvement. The increase was from RMB3019 to RMB5018, amounting to over 66% exactly over one year.
      • Operating revenue saw an annual 84% increase from RMB1220 TO RMB2245.
      • The company saw significant market improvement, with its cumulative number of insured clients increasing to 62.5 million during the year.
      • Huize Holding’s partnership network significantly improved, with a total number of insurer partners amounting to 109.

      These remarkable highlights from the financial year demonstrate the momentum through which the company is progressing. In addition to staggering business growth, HUIZ further demonstrates impressive market capture. Every aspect of the report instills confidence amongst market participants, enticing them to gain exposure to the Chinese raging bull.

      HUIZ Share Repurchase Program

      Another significant news from today has been the decision by HUIZ to carry out share repurchases up to $5 million. This will be carried out over a 12-month period. Furthermore, it will entail a range of different modes. These include market-rate purchases, negotiated agreements, block purchases as well as other legally valid modes.

      The move communicates Huize Holding’s confidence in its strategic vision and value-enhancing capability. It also demonstrates the firm’s commitment to prioritize the needs of its investors and deliver them value enhancement.


      HUIZ has undergone an impressive growth spurt in the premarket session. As part of a wider Chinese growth wave, HUIZ has shot up exceptionally, given its fundamentals. Recent earnings report and a share repurchase agreement solidify the company’s value enhancement potential and capability.

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