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      ICO and Airdrops to Keep Watch Of

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 1, 2022

      3:06 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 1, 2022

      3:07 PM UTC

      ICO and Airdrops to Keep Watch Of

      Active ICOs


      The Humanode (HMND) ICO continues its push ahead, having raised $3 million, with an additional 7 days to go.

      The Humanode project is essentially a blockchain service that enables node deployment in a manner to offer an alternative to the popular blockchain concepts of proof of work and proof of stake. Using the principles of ZK biometric verification, a user is only capable of generating a single unique node, which is equivalent to all others in terms of voting or validation. The concept is highly promising and seeks to revolutionize power distribution on the blockchain, in a truly democratic manner. 


      The token sale for Ikonic is also one that is widely being monitored by the market and has raised $3.25 million with over two weeks still to go. The Ikonic platform is one that many, especially gaming enthusiasts, see a significant appeal in.

      Ikonic essentially empowers users to capture any moment in gaming they find memorable and can mint them as NFTs. Given the craze surrounding online gaming on different platforms, such NFTs can be highly popular and can be collected and traded widely, allowing holders the opportunity to earn through them.

      Quoll Finance

      The ICO for Quoll Finance (QUO) is another exciting one worth keeping on one’s radar. The token sale is to end by tomorrow and is yet to raise cash in this initiative to fund the project.

      Quoll allows its users to benefit from a boosted yield that is highly stable, and capable of returning long-term Alpha. This blockchain service essentially runs on the veToken model, which has a proven governance track record, both on Ethereum and Avalanche, in a way that delivers superior value proposition and token distribution. Activity with the ICO is expected to pick up dramatically today, as the token sale fast approaches closure.

      Upcoming ICOs


      Calvaria (RIA) is a new name in web3 gaming that has been gathering much chatter across various discord servers. The ICO for Calvaria is to launch on the 10th of November and has placed an initial fundraising target of $100,000.

      Calvaria features the exciting Duels of Eternity card game where players can play to earn in competing with each other directly and through tournaments. Players can upgrade their cards with each win, which would further strengthen their competitiveness, allowing them to earn even more RIA.

      Astra Protocol

      Astra Protocol (Protocol) is a decentralized compliance layer that is aiming to revolutionize the global blockchain status quo, in its present state. Through KYC verification, Astra aims at integrating financial regulatory standards from around the world into a unified protocol, without compromising user anonymity, which is a central tenant of DeFi. It offers the most sustainable solution to some of blockchain’s most pressing problems such as scams, illicit financing, and rug pulling.

      Given the potential value this next-gen blockchain solution offers, it has already raised over $9 million in its pre-ICO fundraising. The token sale will officially begin on the 11th of November, after which it is expected to take the market by an even more disruptive storm. 

      Tago Verse

      Tago Verse (TAGO) is an exciting ICO worth taking a look at, which has already raised 44% of its $1.76 million target before its token sale.

      The project aims to develop a blockchain-based platform, which makes use of next-gen technology and algorithms to support mental health, and also earning along the way. TAGO pioneers the talk-to-earn concept, where users can verbally communicate with the AI TagoSoul to help their mental health, and earn TAGO in the process of doing so. TagoSoul is the first of its kind NFT which essentially functions as a mental health virtual assistant.

      Ended ICOs


      The Sense4Fit (SFIT) ICO came to a close yesterday and managed to pull in $100,000 in the process of its token sale.

      The project is essentially a blockchain service following the currently popular trend of web3 fitness apps which allow users to earn through healthy behaviors. SFIT exists on the Elron blockchain, and holds integration with gamified elements. This is done to incorporate fun and competitiveness in users’ journeys toward achieving their fitness goals.


       The Tofycoin (TOFY) ICO was another that successfully ended yesterday, and met 100% of its $2.2 million fundraising target.

      Although TOFY primarily caters to the NFT spaces, it aims to achieve universal status among cryptocurrencies, which can be utilized in payment systems on the web, PC games, and mobile applications. TOFY also aims to establish a gaming ecosystem that would add to the value of its currency, the total supply of which has seen a lock-in at 100 million tokens, without the possibility of dilution.

      Hottest Airdrops Airdrop

      1. Go to the official giveaway webpage for
      2. Create an account by inputting your details.
      3. Fulfil the tasks shown on the page to earn entries.
      4. Through referrals you can earn even more entries.
      5. 1000 lucky participants randomly enter selectin and will each win 120 PAXW.

      Tectum Airdrop

      1. Visit the giveaway page for Tectum.
      2. Enter your information to register.
      3. Make a wallet using Tectum.
      4. Now finish quick tasks to gain entries.
      5. Gain additional entries with every referral as well.
      6. One winner will receive 700 TET, and one winner will receive 1,000 TET. A total of 1,490 winners will receive 30 TET apiece.

      Dash 2 Trade Airdrop

      1. Register for a Cake Defi account.
      2. Log in after checking your mail.
      3. Finish the KYC verification process.
      4. Deposit $50 in any supported currency into the lending, staking, or liquidity mining freezers at this time.
      5. To qualify, the funds must freeze for at least 28 days.
      6. You will gain DFI coins worth $30.
      7. Receive an additional $10 in DFI for each referral.
      8. In the Confectionery program, the rewards will lock for 180 days, during which time you will automatically receive 34.5% interest.

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