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    Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) And Seaborn Announces Launch Of AMX-1 Submarine Network Services

    By Hasnain R

    Oct 20,2020

    8:29 AM UTC

    Infinera Corporation (NASDAQ: INFN) and Seaborn Networks have disclosed today that they have launched new submarine network services on Seaborn’s AMX-1 submarine network segment. This network service will connect the US and Brazil. In today’s world global economy is depending on strong data connectivity and connectivity which is without interruption.

    Because of this reason, the demand for higher bandwidth and bandwidth-intensive applications such as cloud-based services is continuously increasing.

    The New Submarine network platform is powered by Infinera’s XT series and also featured Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) technology. The new network boast of Seaborn will modernize architecture and industry-leading spectral efficiency. It also enables the company to optically bypass cable landing stations and reduce network costs.

    Seaborn which runs two leading cables Seabras-1 and AMX-1 used these cables to meet the global bandwidth needs across America. These two leading cables are powered by Infinera solutions. AMX-1 cable system of Seaborn will provide transport, Ethernet private line, and IP services on a geographically diverse path from its Seabras-1 cable. It connects Rio de Janeiro and Jacksonville, Florida, to provide its customers with high-capacity, low-latency connectivity services.

    Infinera Corporation (NASDAQ: INFN) shares were trading down 1.48% at $6.67 at the time of writing on Tuesday. Infinera Corporation (INFN) share price went from a low point around $3.68 to briefly over $9.25 in the past 52 weeks, though shares have since pulled back to $6.67. INFN market cap has remained high, hitting $1.28 billion at the time of writing.

    Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Seaborn, Paul Cannon said that this relationship with Infinera will help the company to address the growing capacity demand needs of customers with reliable, low-latency solutions purpose-built for subsea transport.  Seaborn Chose Infinera because of its history of consistently delivering industry-leading optical engines and the roadmap for its ICE6 800G generation technology.


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