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    Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) stock rises during current market trading. Why is it so?

    By ST Staff

    Mar 31,2021

    8:36 AM UTC

    Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) stock rises by 41.40% in the current market trading session after YVR announced that they are intending to create a multi-token IP platform for which Liquid media has signed a partnership agreement with CurrencyWorks. Liquid Media Group is a business solutions firm that supports independent intellectual property creators.

    What the hype is about?

    Professional video production, packaging, funding, distribution, and monetization would all be possible with YVR’s multi-token platform which will be helping IP creators to take their professional content from conception to monetization. NFTs, utility tokens, and protection tokens will all be part of the multi-token platform’s growth. Depending on regulatory approval, both Liquid Media and CurrencyWorks would keep a limited portfolio of NFTs and Protection Tokens to create a content library, help the artists on their website, and provide future upside for shareholders.

    The CEO of YVR Mr. Ron Thomson said that through this platform engineered by CurrencyWorks, any small or independent content creator’s company can be significantly accelerated and de-risked. Also mentioned that they are excited to assist them with their business solutions, from idea to monetization. YVR would be there from beginning to end.

    Not just that, but also with the help of this platform introduced by YVR professional artists would be able to generate new business opportunities based on digital NFT exclusives and collectibles, increase audience participation, gamify their intellectual property, guarantee recurring licensing fees using smart contracts, provide subscription access through utility tokens, boost project funding through protection tokens, which is huge for the media industry and content creators.

    In short, the Liquid Media Token platform will provide people with

    • Creation
    • Use/Subscription
    • Financing
    • Licensing/Protection.


    Undoubtedly this new development will sort of revolutionize the media industry. Content creators will be highly benefited through this platform. And following this big enhancement in YVR, its stock price is on the rise because for investors to bet in such a stock is a promising idea.

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