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      New ICOs to Watch out for: Arrakis, Pirate X Pirate, Menzy - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      June 7, 2022

      4:31 PM UTC

      New ICOs to Watch out for: Arrakis, Pirate X Pirate, Menzy - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs


      The sale of this token is flying under the radar due to the advertisement. Not much information is given on the ICO either. The primary purpose of the protocol is liquidity management. It is built on the ERC-20 chain and is non-custodial in nature. The ICO started on the 19th of May and will last till the 8th of September. The goal of raising tokens is about 30 million SPICE.

      Belobaba Launchpad

      This is a regulated crypto fund where an institution of retailers can exchange or use shares or protocols from different crypto projects. This is a token based on the BEP-20 chain. The total number of BBCN tokens is 2 billion out of which 30% are available for sale. This means that the fundraising goal is to raise about $12,950,000, where 1 BBCN is almost about $0.009.

      Pirate X Pirate

      Blockchain games have been seeing a recent boom even though the conventional NFT market was falling. New innovative ideas are being introduced in the form of blockchain games. One is Pirate X Pirate. It is built on the ERC20 blockchain. There are a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens out of which 30,000,000 tokens are for sale. Currently, $380,000 have been received.

      Upcoming ICOs


      This is the innovative approach of changing the play2earn model to the Move2Earn model in the shape of MXZ tokens. It is built on the ERC-20 chain. Menzy has a total of 2,000,000,000 tokens available out of which 16% are for sale where 1 MNZ is worth $0.006 USD. The sale of the token starts on the 26th of June.


      At a certain point in time, there would come a need for the analysis of blockchain. This analytical data would be important for companies, traders, or investors to make their decisions on how to proceed with investment or development. The total tokens for sale are 6,000,000,000 were $0.14 worth 1 COOKIE. The sale starts in June.

      Original Dollar Governance

      This is an upcoming stable coin. Currently, they are trying to gather the necessary funds to create a liquidity pool for their OGV token. This is actually the governance token where OUSD will be the stable coin. The token sale starts on the 12th of July.

      Ended ICOs


      This is a fund-raising platform that proposes to serve as a hotspot for investors. It is built on the BEP-20 chain. Currently, 26MBP equals 1 USD and they were trying to raise funds for $200,000. It was an unsuccessful fundraiser where they raised only 15% of the goal.


      A metaverse game that has a lot of potential for developers. The token for Xana is XETA. In the ICO, 1 XETA was valued at $0.01. The total number of tokens for XANA is 5,000,000,000. The ICO ended on June 3rd while raising about $5,600,000.

      Project Galaxy

      Project Galaxy had a massive goal of raising about $25,000,000 which it did by the time the sale ended on the 28th of May. For the ICO sale, 1 GAL was rated at 1.5 USD and the minimum and maximum a person could invest were $100 and $500 respectively. This was one of the biggest ICOs to launch recently.

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