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      InspireMD Inc. (NSPR) stock soared in the after-market trading session; let’s find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      April 26, 2021

      5:54 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      July 30, 2021

      4:25 AM UTC

      InspireMD Inc. (NSPR) stock soared in the after-market trading session; let’s find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      In the after-market trading session, InspireMD Inc. (NSPR) stock had soared by 12.54% to trade at the price of $0.5214at the time of writing. In Friday’s trading session, NSPR stock closed with a gain of 2.96% at the price of $0.46. The stock volume traded at 4.71 million shares. The average trading volume for the past months has been 15.24 million, showing a decline in today’s stock volume. NSPR stock had declined by -36.55%for the year up to date. In the past 5 consecutive trading sessions, the NSPR shares had jumped by 13.00%. In the past three and six months, the NSPR stock slumped by -33.68% and jumped by 21.60% respectively. InspireMDInc is currently valued in the market at $53.03 million and has current outstanding shares at a total of 117.79 million.

      The operational background on InspireMD

      InspireMD Inc. is a medical device company that specifically focuses on the production and provision of the stent and stent-related products. The company aims to design their own proprietary MicroNet stent platforms technology solutions. These are used to create innovative applications for the treatment of vascular, coronary diseases, carotid artery applications specifically for acute coronary syndromes, saphenous vein graft coronary blockages and serious myocardial infarction.

      InspireMD claims to have the most advanced Carotid Stenting system in the market

      InpsireMD has created product offerings of preventive systems including the CGuard carotid embolic prevention system, MGuard Prime embolic protection system, and also developing of NGuard. NGuard is created for the purpose of diverting the blood flow to seal the aneurysms by diverting blood flow away from cerebral aneurysms.

      InspireMD’s diverse range of product offering based on the proprietary MicroNet embolic protection and stenting platform have allowed it to enter the market boldly as a top-line provider of superior technology carotid stent systems in the market.

      InspireMD updates its recent corporate activities

      On 19th April 2021, InspireMD provided an update about its recent developments in operations and business activities; a 1:15 reverse stock split will take place today (26th April 2021) as the trade closes which will reduce the number of outstanding shares directly from 118 million to 7.9 million shares. On April 27th the NSPR common stock will trade on an adjusted split basis on the platform of NYSE American. Total number of common stock will remain at 150 million.

      A submission had been made on the same day by NSPR stock to be enlisted in the Nasdaq Capital Market. This move helps to expand the listing for NSPR stock and makes it more attractive to a wide range of customers.

      The company had previously raised capital of an estimated $20.7 million. This capital raise will help InspireMD to progress and execute its C-Guardian FDA clinical trial, maintainCGuard EPS as the top available carotid stent system in the market, and to sustain their growth of operations and product innovation goals.

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