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    Nutanix Inc [NTNX] In a Sweet Spot as Multiple Factors Favor Stock-Value Growth

    By Nicholas K

    Aug 28,2020

    10:28 AM UTC

    Nutanix Inc [NASDAQ:NTNX] has been on an uptrend for some time now and has sustained that trend in today’s session.  It is currently up by 28% and gaining. This follows the company’s announcement of Q4 results that beat analysts’ estimates.

    The company’s earnings came out at a loss of $0.39 against a consensus estimate of $0.67. The earnings loss was also much lower than what it recorded in a similar quarter a year ago when it reported a net loss of $0.57.  This is the 4th time in a row that the company had beat analysts’ estimates on earnings.

    Delving deeper into its earnings, the company reported that revenues in Q4 stood at $327.9 million, or an increase of 9% compared to a similar quarter in 2019. The company also reported that billings in the quarter increased to $388.5 million compared to a similar quarter in 2019. The gross margins on sales also improved compared to a similar quarter in 2019.

    The company reported that its GAAP gross margin increased from 77% in Q4 of 2019 to 79.6% in Q4 of 2020. Commenting on the results, CEO Dheeraj Pandey stated the result were a demonstration of the company’s growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The strong financial results also come at a time when the company has received an investment of $750 million from Bain Capital that is aimed at supporting its growth initiatives. Commenting on the deal, the CEO stated that Bain Capital was a good investment because it has extensive experience in investing in technology and helping companies grow their operations.

    He added that the investment by Bain was a vote of confidence in the company’s position, as a market leader in the hybrid cloud infrastructure market. In fact, one of Bain Capital’s Managing Directors, David Humphrey stated that they found the company to be a good match based on its vision of having a differentiated hybrid cloud platform that offers a flexible environment for easy integration with other platforms.

    Looking ahead

    With the strong financials that the company recorded in Q4 and the investment from Bain Capital, this company is uniquely positioned for growth in coming quarters. Its prospects for growth are enhanced by the fact that the business environment is getting better as the COVID-19 restrictions start to ease up.  As investors expect better results from the company, it is likely to experience a sustained upside momentum in the near-term. Overall market momentum, as investors take riskier bets post-pandemic, could help support this stock in the near-term.

    About Nutanix Inc [NASDAQ: NTNX]

    Nutanix Inc is an enterprise cloud company that operates in North America and all over the world. It is based in San Jose, California.

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