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      On What Basis Did ProBility (PBYA) Stock Skyrocketed Last Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 29, 2021

      11:27 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      July 14, 2021

      7:39 AM UTC

      On What Basis Did ProBility (PBYA) Stock Skyrocketed Last Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      At the previous close, ProBility Media Corp [OTC: PBYA] stock surged 208.70% to $0.0071. Volume for ProBility stock averaged 2.43B versus 220.25M in the past 30 days. The price of PBYA stock fluctuated between $0.0001 and $0.0083 during the past 52 weeks. PBYA stock surged as its subsidiary initiated new training programs.

      What were the programs?

      Located in Coconut Creek, California, ProBility is an industrial education and training technology company that offers a variety of online and in person courses in various vocational fields. In order to facilitate the development of peak performing workers, PBYA has executed a disruptive strategy of defragmenting the education and training industry. Customers of PBYA range from individuals to small businesses to enterprise-level corporations.

      The North American Crane Bureau Group (NACB), a ProBility subsidiary, has launched new training programs for Marathon, BAE Systems and Tesla.

      • This training program consists of instruction for crane operators, inspectors, rigging personnel, and signal personnel as well as training for lift equipment trainers.
      • Moreover, these arrangements are intended to supplement training offered by PBYA across its entire corporate footprint.
      • With the relaxation of restrictions resulting from Covid-19, many corporations are scrambling to comply with OSHA safety specifications, crane inspections, and crane operator training and certification.
      • A new team of world class trainers has been hired by PBYA’s NACB in order to meet the demands of companies across the globe for these safety protocols.

      Shareholders of ProBility recently received an update regarding the company’s status.

      • PBYA worked to reduce overhead expenses in the first quarter of 2019.
      • PBYA decided to become an “alternative reporting” company.
      • In the aftermath of the acquisition, PBYA split its businesses into three companies: North American Crane Bureau, One Exam Prep and Disco Learning Media.
      • PBYA In addition, PBYA focused on eliminating non-profitable assets.
      • Reorganization efforts enabled PBYA to reduce both its revenue and operating expenses, but the decrease in expenses was so rapid that PBYA suffered a minimal operating loss in 2020.
      • Over the past few years, the PBYA has expanded its operations outside of its historical base of operations in Florida.
      • As part of its effort to reduce dependency on third-party vendors, PBYA is developing its own online and classroom-based training courses.
      • According to Securities Exchange Act Rule 15c-211 and OTC Markets Group, Inc Reporting Guidelines, PBYA intends to catch up with its filing obligations by September 28, 2021.

      How is PBYA working to grow?

      ProBility (PBYA) has been able to operate at pre-pandemic capacity through its subsidiaries, generating a profit in 2020 as a result of the lifting of pandemic restrictions. With the help of its debt repayment program and the consolidation of labor and other expenditures, PBYA continues to reduce its operating expenses.

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