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    Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI) stock surged in the premarket trading sessions; here’s why

    By ST Staff

    Jun 30,2021

    5:37 AM UTC

    Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI stock) shares have shown advancement in the stock price in pre-market by 20.19% to trade at the price of $1.25 at the last check. POAI stock shed -4.59% while previously closing the session at $1.04. The POAI stock volume traded 2.39 million shares. POAI stock shed by-39.18% in the past year, and in the past week jumped up by 0.97%. In the past three and six months, the POAI stock has shed -7.14% and added 49.40% respectively. Furthermore, Predictive Oncology is currently valued at $67.93 million and has 48.80 million outstanding shares.

    What you need to know about Predictive Oncology Inc.

    Predictive Oncology Inc. is a medical instruments manufacturing company that delivers healthcare products and services of various sorts. The company’s manufacturing and supply platform has been established in the market of USA. There are three operational segments of the company which include Helomics, Soluble and Skyline.

    The company’s product and service offerings include environmentally conscious systems that target the infectious fluids’ collection and disposal. These infectious fluids are post-used and discarded after surgical procedures and operative cares.

    Company provides specifically provides a device for this targeting of fluid collection and disposal known as STREAMWAY system which is a wall mounted completely mechanized framework that arranges suction of fluid/liquid giving a continuous performance to doctors while essentially removing the possibility of medical services laborers’ vulnerability to infectious liquids gathered during careful and other patient strategies, as well as exclusive cleaning liquid and filters to clients of its system.

    The organization likewise gives contract research organization (CRO) and AI-driven prescient models of tumor drug reaction to work on clinical results to help drug, demonstrative, and biotech enterprises; and dissolvable and stable details for proteins, including immunizations, antibodies, and other protein therapeutics, just as creates tumor models for exactness malignancy treatment and medication improvement. Its CRO administrations improve the viability of malignant growth treatment utilizing the force of computerized reasoning (AI) applied to sicknesses information bases. The organization sells its clinical gadget items straightforwardly to emergency clinics and other clinical offices through utilized salespeople, self-employed entities, and wholesalers. The organization was once known as Precision Therapeutics Inc. furthermore, changed its name to Predictive Oncology Inc. in June 2019. Prescient Oncology Inc. was fused in 2002 and is situated in Eagan, Minnesota.


    Expansion and improvement in the product services of POAI stock’s subsidiaries thanks to GMP facilities

    Predictive Oncology Inc. is expanding its operational capacity and growing into a diverse and improved portfolio through its subsidiaries. Recently it announced that its two wholly owned subsidiaries are planning to expand through the qualification and fabrication of GMP facilities. These two subsidiaries are known as Soluble Biotech Inc. and Tumor Genesis Inc.

    This expansion will lead to increased potential of customer base as well as more qualified and attractive for the prospects of long term collaborations. This GMP facility will allow the company to be able to open the platform and opportunity for the researchers that are using cancer cell’s own mechanisms to use and produce a target which may be expressed protein or biological target.

    This is specifically done because the GMP facility allows for the company to provide formulations that are directly accessible to researchers for direct use in the lab. This facility acts as a bridge to shorten the manufacturing and supply process by directly providing a ready-made solution. GMP facility can also allow Soluble Biotech to provide its chromatography kits to biotech and biopharma companies as final protein purification step for animal and human testing and trial.

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