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    Arconic Corporation Stock Investors, Shareholders, Insiders and Outstanding Shares

    Arconic Corporation



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    Shares & ShareHolders

    Making an investment decision in the stock market involves a certain amount of risk, so it's important to thoroughly review a company's stock before making any decisions. Stock float, number of short positions and outstanding shares are among the many factors an investor should take into account.

    Shares Outstanding

    102.3 Million


    100.52 Million





    Shares Short

    3.24 Million

    Short % of shares outstanding


    Shares Short (Prior Month)

    2.86 Million


    Short of Float


    Short % of Shares Outstanding

    Top Institutional Holders

    A total of 0.40% of ARNC shares are owned by insiders. About 97.50% of ARNC shares are held by financial institutions. BlackRock Fund Advisors is the top corporate investor, holding 15.6 Million shares valued at $330.04 Million. A 15.37% stake in Arconic Corporation is owned by the company. The Vanguard Group, Inc owns 11.71 Million shares valued at $247.75 Million, which translates its holding of 11.54% of the stake in the company.

    Holder% StakeShares HeldTotal Value ($)Shares% Change in Portfolio
    BlackRock Fund Advisors15.37% 15,597,223330,037,239-909,932-5.51%
    The Vanguard Group, Inc11.54% 11,708,494247,751,73397,5330.84%
    SSgA Funds Management, Inc6.27% 6,364,239134,667,297-361,613-5.38%
    Orbis Investment Management Ltd5.99% 6,077,362128,596,980-481,925-7.35%
    Fidelity Management & Research Co5.61% 5,693,424120,472,852925,85219.42%
    Harris Associates LP4.82% 4,895,079103,579,872-55,820-1.13%
    Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC3.11% 3,156,64366,794,566292,06410.20%
    Sachem Head Capital Management LP2.92% 2,965,30862,745,917-1,111,292-27.26%
    Macquarie Investment Management B2.65% 2,688,54556,889,612-18,704-0.69%
    Dimensional Fund Advisors LP2.64% 2,681,43856,739,228591,88128.33%

    Arconic Corporation Insiders

    Among the ARNC insiders holding of 0.07% of the stake in company, PERREIAH DIANA B., Executive Vice President, holds the largest shares of 126,204. MILLER MELISSA M, EVP and CHRO, is the second largest ARNC insider with ownership of 66,926 shares. AUSTEN WILLIAM F.,Director, stands third with possession of 10,000 shares of that stake.

    InsiderDesignationShares Held
    PERREIAH DIANA B.Executive Vice President126,204
    AUSTEN WILLIAM F.Director10,000

    Insider Transaction Summary (6 Months)









    Net SharePurchased



    NO. of Shares Held



    % Net SharePurchased



    Frequently Asked Questions


    How many institutions own ARNC stock?

    A company's 13F filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provides investors with comprehensive information about institutional ownership in a listed company, a sign of strength in terms of how many institutions have confidence in that company. The number of institutional investors who currently own ARNC shares is 377, representing 97.50% of the company's common stock.


    Who are the major shareholders selling Arconic Corporation stock?

    BlackRock Fund Advisors, in the last quarter, reduced its stake in ARNC by -5.51% restricting it's holding to 15.6 Million shares of worth nearly $330.04 Million. SSgA Funds Management, Inc also lessened -5.38% of the ARNC shares from its portfolio, reducing its holding to 6.36 Million shares of worth $134.67 Million. Orbis Investment Management Ltd also shunned ARNC shares holding by -7.35% last quarter which brought its holding to 6.08 Million shares worth $128.6 Million.


    Investors who are buying ARNC stock?

    As per its latest 13F filing, The Vanguard Group, Inc increased its stake in ARNC by 0.84% in the last quarter. The institutional holder raised its holding to 11.71 Million shares having worth more than $247.75 Million. Fidelity Management & Research Co also added 19.42% more shares of ARNC to its portfolio, raising its holding to 5.69 Million shares of worth $120.47 Million. Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC also increased its ARNC shares holding by 10.20% which brought its holding to 3.16 Million shares worth $66.79 Million.


    ARNC's major insiders: who are they?

    The insider with the most stakes in ARNC is PERREIAH DIANA B. , a Executive Vice President at the company. Additionally, ARNC stock is highly held by EVP and CHRO MILLER MELISSA M and Director AUSTEN WILLIAM F. among others.


    Did an insider recently sell ARNC stock?

    Company executives, directors, and other insiders own 0.4 percent of Arconic Corporation's stock. Within the last six months, there have been 1 transaction(s) in which ARNC insiders have sold stock, totaling 4,015 shares. Insiders that have sold shares include and PERREIAH DIANA B..


    Which insider recently purchased ARNC stock?

    There have been 1 transaction(s) during the past 6-months in which ARNC insiders have bought stock , totaling $10,000.


    How much of ARNC does insiders own?

    Around 409.2 Thousands Arconic Corporation shares are held by insiders, which represents about 0.40% of ARNC Stock.


    Who is the insider with the largest stake?

    ARNC Executive Vice President, PERREIAH DIANA B. holds the largest portfolio of the company's shares. ARNC shares owned by Levinson total nearly 126.2 Thousands.


    Which institution holds the most shares in ARNC?

    BlackRock Fund Advisors is the largest institutional owner in ARNC which holds 15.6 Million shares worth $330.04 Million or 15.37% of the total ARNC shares outstanding followed by The Vanguard Group, Inc with ownership of 11.71 Million shares representing 11.54% of the ARNC ownership. SSgA Funds Management, Inc, Inc is the third largest stakeholder with 6.36 Million shares or 6.27% of the ownership worth more than $134.67 Million.


    Is Arconic Corporation stock optionable?

    Stock options give the owner the ability but not the obligation to buy or sell a security at a predetermined price and date. Stock options can be classified into two types: puts and calls. A put is a bet on falling stock, and a call is a bet on rising stock. As far as the ARNC is concerned, it is a stock which is optionable.


    Is there a short position on ARNC's shares?

    Number of ARNC shares short as of 2022-10-13 was 3.24 Million. Shares short is a market sentiment in which investors have sold their shares short in a given stock but have not yet covered them or closed them out.


    About how many outstanding ARNC shares are there?

    As of today, 102.3 Million shares of ARNC are outstanding.


    Is there many float in Arconic Corporation stock?

    Float represents the number of tradeable shares in a specific stock. By subtracting restricted and closely-held shares from a firm's total outstanding shares, we can calculate its floating stock. The term "closely-held shares" refers to shares held by employees, major shareholders, and company insiders. At present, ARNC has 100.52 Million shares in float.


    ARNC short ratio: what is it?

    Short ratio is calculated by dividing the number of short shares, short interest or bets that shareholders will sell short from the average daily volume. A higher ratio indicates longer times needed to repurchase borrowed shares (sold). The short ratio for ARNC was N/A as of 2022-10-13.