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      Moog Dividend Yield, History, and Stock Split

      Moog Inc.



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      Frequently Asked Questions


      Is Moog Inc. (MOG-A) a dividend paying company?

      In a company, dividends are a portion of profits paid out to shareholders - investors getting a little bit back on their investment. In particular, dividends benefit investors, especially income-seeking investors, because they provide mutual benefits both to companies and investors. Dividends are a strong indicator for a company's ability to produce profits consistently and reflect favorably on its management. Moog Inc. is also among the companies that regularly pay dividends.


      What is MOG-A's dividend yield?

      Many factors affect dividend yields, including global market conditions, interest rates, and the financial status of an individual company.However, the average dividend yield for a good company is between 2% and 6%. MOG-A's annual dividend yield for the trailing 12 months is 0.96%.


      When did MOG-A last pay a dividend?

      MOG-A last paid dividends on Aug. 27, 2023, with the ex-dividend date being Aug. 9, 2023.


      When was the last time MOG-A stock split?

      MOG-A stock split took place on Apr. 4, 2005.


      How did MOG-A's stock split work?

      Its last split took place on Apr. 4, 2005, when Moog Inc. went through a 3 : 2 split leaving the shareholder with 3 share(s) who previously owned 2 MOG-A share(s).