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    REVB Takes Off Before Crucial Conference Addressing Investors

    By Wasim Omar

    Mar 23,2022

    8:40 AM UTC

    Revelation Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: REVB) has been one of the big winners in today’s current trade session, bringing substantial gains. Within the first 30 minutes of trade commencement, REVB shot up by 55.3%, later stabilizing at 33.5% with trade progression. The stock has clearly been riding on a raging bull since last Monday, much to the delight of its shareholders. In less than two weeks, REVB has more than doubled in price, climbing from $1.02 to an impressive $2.43 today. REVB price saw little movement since 2018, until early 2022, which brought a 90% tumble in a mere three months.

    REVB Participation in 2022 Virtual Growth Conference

    The current growth spurt REVB is experiencing coincides with a recent announcement by Revelation regarding participation in a high-profile event. The Virtual Growth Conference 2022 hosted by Maxim Group LLC, a New York -based investment bank provides significant growth opportunity. The platform, where the company will present, would deliver access to high profile investors keen on cashing in REVB growth.

    Market participants are rushing to grab the potentially undervalued stock in today’s trade session. This rush is driven to beat the market, prior to the possible growth realization after the presentation at the conference. Certain onlookers from social media chatter remain cautious assuming the growth to indicate a classic pump and dump strategy underway. However, the growth spurt does not come in isolation, but rather amidst a heavy bullish rise since last Monday.

    REVB Prospects

    REVB holds promise for further growth, given the areas it focuses on. Developing immunological treatments against respiratory viruses, such as Covid-19 (amongst others), its products could see potentially explosive demand upon launch. Moreover, its current testing phase do hint to promising results against viral respiratory treatments. For instance, in January, REVT-X99 showcased a significant reduction in viral load for patients infected with Covid-19. Similarly, the company is engaged in a phase 2B trial based in Belgium addressing respiratory viral infections such as Coronavirus and Influenza.

    With Covid-19 entering into normalcy and the threat of similar viruses and new variants at a high, REVB could become a giant in the pharmaceuticals sphere. Market bulls are hoping to cash in on these gains early on.


    News about a recent participation in a high-profile conference is causing a frenzy around REVB. The platform delivers a key opportunity to address key investors looking to cash in on the biopharmaceutical gains in the long term. REVB holds strong prospects with a robust pipeline targeting respiratory viral conditions such as Coronavirus.

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