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      SenesTech Inc. (SNES) stock rises during pre-market trading session. Here’s what’s happening? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      March 25, 2021

      12:23 PM UTC

      SenesTech Inc. (SNES) stock rises during pre-market trading session. Here’s what’s happening? - Stocks Telegraph

      SenesTech Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) stock gained by 12.50% in the last trading close while the SNES stock keeps on rising by 2.02% during the pre-market trading session after SenesTech announced its collaboration with Liphatech. SenesTech is an agricultural biotechnology company that focuses on the management of fertility for pest control through different technologies. ContraPest is their first commercial which works to fight difficult rat outbreak.

      What’s happening?

      The purpose of collaboration between SenesTech and Liphatech is to develop a non-liquid formulation of ContraPest. Both SenesTech and Liphatech which is an internationally known researcher and distributor of unique and effective pest control products will equally participate to the project through providing resources and finances.

      ContraPest is a rat birth control product. Also it not just only eliminates rat infestations, but it also prevents them from returning. ContraPest has proven to be effective in reducing rat populations over the course of five years of research and implementation in municipal, agricultural, and commercial settings. ContraPest is currently available in a liquid formulation that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.


      Brandy Pyzyna, the VP of SeneTech’s Research and Regulatory department said that their area of work will be comprised of all preparation, implementation, and testing to check the efficiency of the non-liquid formulation of ContraPest which is based on the soft bait matrix developed and advertised by Liphatech. Brandy also added that they have a comprehensive, collaborative work plan in place that they can implement right away.


      This recent positive development in SenesTech has possibly acted as a great initiative for the progress of SNES. Also it has brought the focus of Investors towards the SNES stock. In the past as well, SenesTech through its ContraPest brand has shown great beneficial results whenever it has been linked with any Pest control program. Hence the expectations are high from this collaboration as well.

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