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      Signal messenger app – taking privacy to the next level! - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      April 7, 2021

      9:32 AM UTC

      Signal messenger app – taking privacy to the next level! - Stocks Telegraph

      WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messenger apps but when it was acquired by Facebook and some changes to privacy were made, the masses grew wary – given Facebook’s track record. People started migrating to alternatives that offer better privacy and security features like Signal. The end-to-end encryption of Signal has made it increasingly popular with even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, following suit and moving to Signal.

      Signal is taking privacy to another level as it announced the launch of a beta version that supports cryptocurrencies. The app will integrate a privacy coin, MobileCoin, to send and receive payments through the mobile application. Mobilecoin, being a privacy coin, ensures the anonymity of all transactions happening on its block chain.

      Signal’s CEO has been heavily involved in the MobileCoin network – serving as an advisor. MobileCoin is only being traded by the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Other cryptocurrencies can be expected to be incorporated into the application once the beta version has been rolled out. However, being in beta mode the application is restricted only to iOS users in the UK.

      Moxie Marlinspike – the creator of Signal – is a staunch believer of privacy rights and had been exploring the cryptocurrency sphere in order to set Signal apart. In the future, many great things can be expected from the Signal Foundation as they have ambitious plans of taking the privacy to the next level.

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