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    Stocks to Watch amidst Mixed Market Sentiment

    By Nicholas K

    Aug 26,2020

    7:15 AM UTC

    The markets are headed for a weak start to the day this morning. On one hand, there is the optimism of an easing of trade tensions between the U.S and China. At the beginning of the week, negotiators said there was positive progress on the trade talks.

    The optimism is increased by news that China will be buying a large amount of US soya beans. The positive momentum is also increased by hopes of an end to the restrictions that have shrunk global trade, especially in service-related industries. This week the US FDA approved a COVID-19 treatment, and there are hopes that several vaccines are on the way. However, there are also fears that the effects of the pandemic run deeper. This is evident in the latest consumer data.

    According to the Consumer Confidence Index data, confidence dropped in August to its lowest in 6 years. This is a negative signal to the US economy since two-thirds of it runs on consumer spending. This mixed outlook has seen money continue to flow into big tech stocks.

    This is on the strength of these companies in their core markets. These companies also have the resources and the infrastructure to keep innovating and remain strong despite the prevailing circumstances. Despite the mixed outlook, there are several stocks that look set to start the day on a high note. Some of the big gainers pre-market that could dominate in the day are as below:

    PolyMet Mining Corporation [NYSE: PLM]

    PolyMet Mining Corporation is a top performer this morning and is up by over 700%. This follows the actualization of a 1:10 share split. The reverse share split was approved by the company’s board on the 21st of August. At the time the company stated that after the split, the total issued and outstanding shares will drop from 1,0006,997,495 to 100,699,749. The split does not negatively impact on shareholders as everyone will retain the percentage of stock they held before the reverse split.

    Immunic Inc [NASDAQ: IMUX]

    Immunic Inc is another top performer this morning and is up by 19% pre-market. This is largely a price action move, after the stock’s correction over the last few days. Several days ago, the company announced that it had dosed its first healthy volunteer in his phase 1 clinical program for its IMU-856. The company announced that in pre-clinical studies, the compound had shown a paradigm shift in treating gastrointestinal disease.

    Heat Biologics Inc [NASDAQ: HTBX]

    Heat Biologics Inc is a top performer this morning and is up by over 20%.  This comes after the company announced that it announced that it had published pre-clinical results on a COVID-19 vaccine. With the increased hopes of a COVID-19 vaccine, this stock stands to gain momentum through the day.


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