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    The most dreadful market in recent times

    By Ammar Mukhtar

    Jun 16,2022

    10:46 AM UTC

    The market is controlled by extreme fear at the moment. Investors are timid with pumping their investments and savings into something that most likely will not pan out in a profit.  Currently, the market has the Fear and Greed Index of 7 demonstrating extreme fear. This is the lowest it has been over the previous year. But this could symbolize a buying opportunity for opportunists. The recent rally does suggest the market may prove to be beneficial for adept investments.

    From January 2022, the market cap has significantly dropped in value from $2 trillion to $1 trillion. In April the market came down in what seemed like a correction. But it was in May that the real fall of the market occurred. By the end of May, it did seem that the market was working towards stabilizing itself. But it was really being held on by the bulls until it fell down to $1 trillion. This is the lowest the market has been since January 2021.

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