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      The Three Best Consumer Staples Stocks to Buy and Hold - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ali Hassan

      Published on

      February 12, 2021

      6:18 PM UTC

      The Three Best Consumer Staples Stocks to Buy and Hold - Stocks Telegraph

      Holding a consumer staple stock is always a good option.

      The consumer staples segment is a wider part of the food industry. Majority of the consumer staples are multinational firms with subsidiaries, meaning they have a long chain of revenues.

      Early in 2020, when the lockdown started to begin, the consumer staples stocks were outperforming—in general. Consumer firms produce different items including household goods, food, hygiene, and other daily life products.

      Consumer staples usually are slow-growth stocks and do not provide the highest earnings growth on annual basis. Investors with a caliber of Warren Buffet much be the right persons to jump into this category. So, let’s have a look three best consumer stocks to buy and hold.

      Coca-Cola (KO)

      The multinational beverages giant, Coca-Cola (KO) is one from the stapes sector—a good investment option. In a phase of uncertain economic circumstances, the company is starting to adapt accordingly.

      Recently, the company reported its fourth-quarter results, which were on the impressive side. Driven by the growth in adjusted operating margin and prudent cost management, Coca-Cola posted better-than-expected.

      The Q4 adjusted earnings were $0.47 per share, which soared over 6.8% year-over-year and crossed Street estimates of $0.42. While the adjusted net operating revenues were on the lower side dropping by 5.5% to $8.6 billion. Most importantly, the company expanded its adjusted operating margin up to 27.35% from the prioryear.

      The company believes that the progress they made in 2020 has set the platform that would pave the way for growth this year. For this reason, Coca-Cola has projected its adjusted EPS to grow in between the high single-digit to low double-digit percentage range. Whereas, the organic revenue is expected to rise in space of high single-digit. The free cash flow is anticipated at $8.5 billion.

      So, Coca-Cola (KO) is well set to follow through this pandemic stream and makes it move for the future.

      Tyson Foods (TSN)

      Tyson Foods (TSN) is one of the largest food operators in the world. The company is the second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork after JBS S.A.TSN is also one of those consumer staples stocks that would be a good hold in the long-term.

      Recently, the company released its first quarter 2021 results surpassing Zacks estimates. The earnings were $1.94 per share, beating consensus estimate of $1.58. The Q1 earnings surprise was 22.78%. In the past four quarters, the company surpasses the consensus EPS estimates three times.

      Whereas, Tyson’s Meat Product industry revenues peaked at over $10.46 billion, which missed the Zacks estimates by 5.57%. The impact on revenue is due to unprecedented sales—amid the pandemic. The overall results have been promising over the past year, which shows that the company has much potential in the long run. Another positive is the dividend of Tyson, with a yield of 2.27%, as we write this.

      Reynolds Consumer (REYN)

      Reynolds Consumer (REYN) is the parent company behind Hefty trash bags, disposable tableware, Reynolds-branded parchment paper, and Fresh-Lock zipper bags.

      In Q4, the company reported revenues of $888 million, beating Zacks estimates by 1.21% and up from $835 million year-over-year. Based on the latest results, analysts have raised the yearly outlook for Reynolds. The revenues for this year are projected to cross $3.3 billion, along with statutory earnings of $1.77 per share.

      The stability in the business operations is phenomenal. In the last four quarters, Reynolds Consumer (REYN) has topped quarterly revenues estimates three times. So, REYN could be a good option to go with as we move ahead.

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