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      Top 3 Big Data Stocks for long-term Investment - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ali Hassan

      Published on

      January 21, 2021

      1:31 PM UTC

      Top 3 Big Data Stocks for long-term Investment - Stocks Telegraph

      Big data companies have transformed over time with the adoption of new technologies.

      When we talk about the digital world, big data companies are on top of the list—making the difference with their products and services. Big data has reshaped the way it works with the changes and evolution in technology. The big data firms are based on new products that usually provide data collection and analytics.

      Big data companies provide various analytics solutions for businesses to achieve valuable insights in different areas. Though the big data has broadened its scope across analytics allowing it to analyze complex datasets to understand trends, patterns, and associations for enterprises to improve their working.

      According to Markets and Markets, the global big data market is anticipated to grow at 10.6% from 2020 to 2025—annually. This means that the big data market is expected to cross $229.4 billion. So, there is a sound opportunity to invest in big data stocks which could make you big profits in the coming years. Here are the top 3 big data stocks to invest in for the long-term.

      Adobe (ADBE)

      Adobe (ADBE) is one of the most diversified software firms in the world—a software-as-a-service titan in the global market. The company is popular for its flagship product, Photoshop, and several other applications such as Adobe Document Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Experience Cloud products.

      All the services Adobe provides allows the company to generate predictable cash flows through subscriptions. The business model of ADBE is perfectly designed to cover the modern market trends.

      As of Nov. 2020, the company reported revenue growth of 15% in the fiscal year 2020, which was around $13 billion. The subscription revenue and revenues from other large segments of Adobe rose to 21% and 20%, respectively. The revenues soared due to increased digital engagement as the freelance market was working at its peak in the pandemic last year.

      By end of last year, Adobe announced that it acquired a marketing workflow start-up Workfront for almost $1.5 billion. This acquisition sets the software firm to expand its market in digital asset management with production and content services.

      Adobe (ADBE) estimates its market across its different software and cloud segments to reach $147 billion in 2023. Adobe stock is well-positioned to make growth in the long-term. However, the sock can retreat from its current trading price of around $470, but it would position the stock to go bullish in the long run. 

      Workiva (WK)

      Workiva (WK) finds itself right there in the cloud market. The company is a mobile-enabled platform that provides its services to businesses to collect, analyze, and manage business data. 

      Workiva’s clients use its software to solve complex operating and reporting processing through documents, connecting teams, and data from primary sources to final reports. The company is well-established across finance, accounting, risk management, etc.

      WK stock had a superb time last year with the shares price more than doubling. In the third quarter of 2020, the company reported revenues up by 19% to $88 million. Whereas, the adjusted earnings soared over 133% to $0.40 per share. 

      The company is set to announce the fiscal year 2020 financial results on Feb. 17, 2021. Previously, Workiva raised its Q4 guidance and expects revenues to continue the growth. So, Workiva (WK) stock is a solid stock in the big data market. The company has massive potential to prove its worth in the coming years.

      Splunk (SPLK)

      Splunk (SPLK) is a business software platform that provides on-premises and cloud solutions to its clients such as monitoring, retrieving, and evaluating big data. The company focuses on developing its data-to-everything platform to cut down the problems of its users and fulfill their needs.

      Splunk has grown into a big company with its partnerships with several Fortune 100 companies. The company has partners including e-commerce giant AWS, Cisco, and Accenture—to name a few. This makes SPLK stock more attractive in the bid data sector.

      The fast-growing segments in big data will enhance the growth of the company in the coming time—acting as catalysts. Splunk’s revenue has jumped excessively over the past few years. In 2017, the company recorded revenue at around $950 million. While in 2020, the revenue was reported around $2.35 billion.

      Recently, the company updated its Q2 FY 21 results. The cloud ARR soared by 89% to $568 million and the total ARR jumped by 50% to $1.93 billion. The overall revenues were down 5% year-over-year, which is due to the shifting trends from the COVID-19 pandemic.

      All in all, Splunk’s partnership with top tech firms shows that it has meaningful demand in the market. In the long-term, SPLK stock can bring you big gains once the market drives through this tough phase.

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