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    Top gainers last 5 days – (KuCoin Token, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Binance Coin, PancakeSwap)

    By Muskan

    Apr 14,2021

    10:15 AM UTC

    We have compiled a list of the top five best performing coins in the weekly timeframe. With phenomenal gains and growths, these cryptocurrencies have achieved a rank on our list.

    KuCoin Token (KCS) bags the first rank for the top performance in the weekly timeframe with a weekly growth of 88%. At the time of press, KCS was trading hands at $17.86 – which has decreased by 9%.KuCoin Token has a market ranking of seventy-eight with a daily trading volume of $109,501,368. KCS is the profit-sharing native token of the cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin. The token is designed to become the key to the ecosystem of the exchange with further developments.

    The hard fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is another top performer of the week with a weekly growth of 74%. The cryptocurrency is priced at $107 which is still a long way from its all-time high of around $450 but the bullish momentum may overtake the price of the coin. Bitcoin Gold is ranked at 63rd position in the market and has a trading volume of $112,672,587. The hard fork has attempted to democratize the mining process of Bitcoin by allowing it to be mined on common GPUs.

    Ripple (XRP) has established itself safely above $1.50 and entered the weekly top performers’ list. Ripple achieved a growth of 74% after minor victories in the SEC lawsuit. Ripple Labs was granted access to discovery documents of BTC and ETH while the SEC was denied access to financial records of Ripple executives. XRP is making a comeback with regaining the fourth ranking in the market. Other favorable developments in the lawsuit may propel the cryptocurrency towards breaking its all-time high. 

    Binance Coin (BNB) has been one of the top performers of the current bull run and is the fourth best performer of the week with a growth of 47%. The coin established a new all-time high at $637 yesterday with a current price of $547. BNB is ranked at third place in the market. The cryptocurrency has been on a steep upward trend since the beginning of the 2021 bull run. BNB has multiple purposes being a payment method and the utility token of the Binance exchange.

    Last but not the least, PancakeSwap (CAKE) is the final top performer of the week with a rise of 38% in the price. The automated market maker (AMM) has established its all-time high at $25 in the week. It is priced at $24 at the time of press. CAKE is ranked at 40th in terms of market capitalization and has a daily trading volume of $1,083,145,899.

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