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      Top Movers of the past 24 hours: LINK, HNT, XTZ, OMG, FTT - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      June 9, 2022

      3:20 PM UTC

      Top Movers of the past 24 hours: LINK, HNT, XTZ, OMG, FTT - Stocks Telegraph

      The market is in a delicate position right now with the market being volatile and the recent mess related to LUNA. Couple this with the fact that global inflation is increasing, and there is an aura of FUD surrounding the market. Nevertheless, some coins are performing better than other coins. Here are the top 5 movers of the previous week.


      LINK, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, has had a 9.34 percent increase in value during the last week. Smart contracts are one of the most crucial breakthroughs that will determine the market’s flow. LINK is one of the initiatives attempting to provide developers with a platform on which to negotiate the best contract possible. The current value of LINK is $9.18.


      This is another coin that has performed well in the last seven days, with a 35.09 percent gain. Over the last 24 hours, it has increased in value by 8.40 percent and is currently trading at $11.51. It aspires to make the Internet of Things a reality.


      This is one of the few coins in the mainstream that offers amendments and improvements within the system. Unlike Ethereum aiming for a second, XTZ offers a layer within its protocol that assures that the investors and traders can be safe about this coin. The distinguishing feature of Tezos is that the Proof-of-Stake mechanism of Tezos can undergo a consensus process. Over the past 24 hours, XTZ had a 7.05% increase with its current price around $2.17.


      This is the 97th ranked coin, as per coinmarketcap. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the OMG Network strives to create a protocol where financial transactions can be undertaken by anyone across the globe at a cheap price. This they want to provide with the highest standard of security. The current price of OMG is about $2.78 while the gains over the past week have been 6.98%.


      FTX is the exchange different from other exchanges. Through FTX, a trader can make offers, leverage tokens, and undertake OTC trading. The pool for converting the numerous cryptocurrencies into a single value is FTT which is subsequently converted into another cryptocurrency. It is the 22nd rank coin and it has made a gain of 4.22% over the past twenty-four hours. Currently, the value of the FTT token is $28.90.

      All-Time Highs

      Even in this economy, there are some coins that have managed to achieve an all-time high price but most of these coins are recently launched. Here are those coins:

      Torah Network

      Built on the Polygon chain, the Torah Network aims to create a blockchain network that is eo-friendly. This is hard to achieve with the state of Bitcoin of course. Due to the blockchain being a part of the Polygon ecosystem, the Torah Network has gotten serious traction. It reached its all-time high price of $25.38 today. But has fallen down to $21.51 at the time of writing.

      CV Shots

      Blockchain is spreading through the innovation of its developers. It is firmly believed by many in the crypto community that blockchain is the future of the world. CV shots recognizing the importance of blockchain technology, want to create a platform where people can network easily to obtain jobs. The ecosystem of CV shots has people of all relevant classes such as businesses, employers, and freelancers. The all-time high value of CVSHOT is $71.94 which it reached today.

      Battle World

      This is another one of those projects that is built on the polygon chain. The aim of Battle World is to create a metaverse token. The game is a battle royal game similar to fortnight or PUBG. The addictive gaming features can be used to attract traders and players across the world. The current value of the BWO token is $0.5244 but the all-time high value only moments ago was $0.6296.

      Beau Cat

      BUC (the native token of Beau Cat) is also a token that reached its all-time high value of $43.45. If the chart of BUC is observed, it will appear that the coin has had a constant progressive positive development over the past month. This is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It awards coins to consumers and sellers alike for beauty-related products.


      One can label Ndau as another one of those companies that has high aspirations. They plan on creating a stablecoin that goes up. This is hard to achieve considering that cryptocurrency is not recognized by any governments. But traders still have trust in the coin. At the time of writing, NDAU has an all-time high value of $13.10. This may rise significantly with time.

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