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      Top Weekly Gainers: APE, CON, BSW, GMT, JSMY - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      March 22, 2022

      4:31 PM UTC

      Top Weekly Gainers: APE, CON, BSW, GMT, JSMY - Stocks Telegraph

      Our top weekly gainers’ list comprises of some of the major coins that have managed to stay bullish during the week and record phenomenal gains. These coins are screaming at you to invest in them.

      ApeCoin (APE) is a recent launch in the market but it has already amassed a position in the top hundred cryptocurrencies – standing at a market rank of #46. The cryptocurrency is also showing a phenomenal performance with a gain of a staggering 969% during the week. ApeCoin is the governance token for the Ape ecosystem – which has the reputed and popular Ape NFTs.

      Conun (CON) had begun a steady uptrend during the weekly timeframe which also resulted in a gain of 313%. The token is currently standing at a price level of $0.058 with a daily positive change of 13%. Conun is building a distributed computing ecosystem based on the blockchain technology.

      Biswap (BSW) had been on a sharp decline during 2022; however, the token effectively reversed its trajectory during the week with a growth of 168%. Currently, the token is trading hands at $0.87 apiece and the daily movement also shows an increase of 144%. Biswap is essentially a decentralized exchange.  

      Stepn (GMT) has been on an uptrend ever since March started. The cryptocurrency has recorded a growth of 146% during the past seven days which makes it a good bet in the market. The uptrend for the token has not ended yet as it increased by nearly 10% during the day – currently standing at a price of $0.80. GMT is the governance token of the Stepn ecosystem.

      JasmyCoin (JSMY) has been making headlines because of its recent performance. The cryptocurrency recorded a growth of 120% during the weekly timeframe. The daily price movement also suggest an uptrend – with a price increase of 25%. JasmyCoin is used as a proof of value exchange and payment for services.

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