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    What Caused Greenpro (GRNQ) Stock To Fell Nearly 6%?

    By Fahim Awan

    Jul 27,2021

    12:52 AM UTC

    During after-hours trading hours on Monday, the share price of Greenpro Capital Corp. (GRNQ) fell by -5.38% to $0.88. A gain of 14.81% ended the regular trading session at $0.93 for GRNQ stock. The GRNQ stock price ranged between $0.8152 and $1.12.

    GRNQ stock traded 5.25 million shares, outpacing its daily average of 2.07 million shares over 100 days. The last five days have seen GRNQ shares rise by 6.90%, but in the last month, they fell by -31.62%. Investors took profits from gains garnered in regular trades in extended trades, causing GRNQ stock to fall after hours.

    Has GRNQ stock been going well lately?

    Greenpro is a Nevada corporation based in Kuala Lumpur with strategic offices across Asia. The GRNQ Business Incubator has diversified its portfolio of businesses in the areas of fintech, technology, banking, cryptocurrency, health and wellness, and fine art. In addition to trust and wealth management, GRNQ stock provides a comprehensive range of cross-border business solutions, including listing advisory services, record management services, transaction services, tax advisory services, and accounting outsourcing services. In addition, GRNQ’s venture capital division provides financial services, technology, and FinTech consulting, as well as health and wellness services to start-ups as well as high growth firms.

    As of this month, Greenpro has committed up to $5 million in funding for STO (Security Token Offering) projects on CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange (CryptoSX).

    • Through its partnership with CryptoSX, GRNQ will drive transformational investments and create world-class blockchain companies.
    • As of now, GRNQ stock has already identified several investment opportunities in energy storage, health, and defi lending.
    • GRNQ will increase shareholders value by investing in pre-STO projects that are best in class, rather than waiting for its portfolio companies to achieve their IPO events. IPOs for smaller companies are commonly very expensive and lengthy.
    • CryptoSX, in the Philippines, is a fully licensed and regulated exchange under CEZA that has already listed 6 security token offerings (STOs) since the start of 2019.
    • Additionally, CryptoSX is working on nine other STO projects for secondary trading and primary listing in the second half of 2021.

    GRNQ’s investment strategy:

    Through sophisticated capital deployment, GRNQ stock has already demonstrated its ability to transform markets by empowering bright and experienced entrepreneurs with its investments including World Championship Air Race (June 2021), Angkasa-X LEO Satellite Company (May 2021), South East Asia Technology Ventures (January 2021) and Global Leaders Corporation (May 2021).

    GRNQ’s potential and plans:

    Furthermore, Greenpro (GRNQ) plans to set up its Bitcoin Fund by December 2021. GRNQ helps daring entrepreneurs build legendary companies from the very first idea through IPO and beyond. GRNQ’s strategy keeps evolving to facilitate the advancement of the human race by harnessing emerging technologies which also generate compound returns for its stakeholders.

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