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      Why Did Applied UV (AUVI) Stock Go 4% Higher In Early Trades Monday? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      March 14, 2022

      2:13 PM UTC

      Why Did Applied UV (AUVI) Stock Go 4% Higher In Early Trades Monday? - Stocks Telegraph

      Applied UV Inc. (AUVI) shares were up 3.82 percent at $1.63 as of the last check in current market activity. The shares of Applied UV ended at $1.57 the previous session, up 9.79 percent or $0.14. Throughout the day, the company’s stock traded between $1.44 and $1.57. The volume traded was 0.18 million shares, which was lower than the company’s 50-day daily average of 0.81 million and its year-to-date volume of 0.81 million.

      The stock of Applied UV (AUVI) has lost -82.99 percent in the last year, but it has gained 6.08 percent in the last week. The stock has dropped -75.62 percent in the previous six months, and -67.36 percent in the last three months. So far this year, the stock has returned -41.85%. The shares of AUVI are surging after the company announced a share repurchase program.

      How many shares is Applied UV planning to buy?

      Applied UV (AUVI) is concentrated on the turning of events and getting of innovation in the medical services, neighborliness, business, and city marketplaces that address illness control. SteriLumen, Inc. (“SteriLumen”) and Munn Works, LLC are AUVI’s fully owned auxiliary (“Munn Works”). SteriLumen’s related stage for Data-Driven Disinfection uses the force of strong light (UVC) to utterly eradicate germs, putting medical care-acquired infections to the test (“HAIs”).

      Applied UV (AUVI) today reported that its Board of Directors has approved a share repurchase program to repurchase nearly 1,000,000 shares (13.5% of the Company’s public float) of the Company’s outstanding common stock.

      • The share repurchase approval is taking effect right now and AUVI’s management team might make open market repurchases of the Company’s normal stock as approved until September 30, 2022.
      • The Board’s choice to approve the offer repurchases program mirrors AUVI’s obligation to making investor esteem, its solid monetary record, and the assumptions it has for 2022.
      • AUVI resolved to proceed with its continuous endeavors to make investors esteem by focusing on capital designations that help its strategy and development methodology.

      AUVI’s recent efforts

      Applied UV (AUVI) as of late, procured KES Science and Technologies Inc. Through that securing AUVI proceeded with its entrance into the Global Cannabis market as KES as of late gotten a larger order for its AiroClean 420 from its US Distributor Growers House.

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