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      3 Stocks This Week From U.S. Money Box - Stocks Telegraph

      By Shan Zee

      Published on

      December 7, 2020

      11:50 AM UTC

      3 Stocks This Week From U.S. Money Box - Stocks Telegraph

      We will look at the shares of three U.S. businesses in this analysis that are worth paying attention to in the current week. Inc (NYSE: CRM)

      After confirming news about the purchase of Slack Technologies Inc (NYSE: WORK), the software application provider that is positioned as the “killer of Skype and corporate email” and the world leader in the customer relationship management (CRM) market dropped almost 9 percent in price last week.

      The price gap rushed down to the 200-day moving average, where support for the stock’s lower border was established. At the peak of $241, the remaining price gap is now an enticing technical target for a rebound. The RSI is already showing up on the daily map at 34.51. In general, analysts also look at positively: most of the recommendations are “buy” and the consensus is $275.

      Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT)

      The American retailer Walmart’s share price is in a rising pattern both long-term and short-term. Analysts saw the creation of a correction last week from record levels. The daily intraday drawdown has been redeemed in part, which is seen as a promising moment. Given the consensus forecast at $161, the shares would be interesting if they hit the lower limit developing from the lows of March. During the week, stock may respond positively to news of agreements on the proposal of an economic assistance package in Congress.

      Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE)

      This week a quarterly report will be presented by the software maker, in particular, maker of the well-known products like Photoshop, Acrobat, and Illustrator. Via subscription purchases, the business has shifted from a perpetual license sales model to leasing cloud services. The new consensus estimate, according to Refinitiv, assumes a growth potential of 14 percent. Most analysts give a buying recommendation for Adobe shares. For the last 1.5 months, the price has been consolidating in a gentle downward movement. Going up from there is going to be a positive signal.

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