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      TCRT Stock Review: Alaunos Therapeutics Inc.'s Highlights

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      November 14, 2023

      10:59 AM UTC

      TCRT Stock Review: Alaunos Therapeutics Inc.'s Highlights

      Alaunos Therapeutics Inc. (TCRT) is a name to remember in the world of T-cell receptor (TCR) cell therapy. With its unique hunTR® (human neoantigen T-cell Receptor) discovery platform, the company has been making significant strides in the medical field.

      Nevertheless, it has experienced considerable market fluctuations of late. In this piece, we explore the recent developments and its role as a prominent player in pre-market activities.

      A Glimpse into Alaunos Therapeutics Inc. (TCRT)

      Founded on a vision to revolutionize T-cell therapies, Alaunos Therapeutics Inc. has been a powerful force in the field. Its hunTR® discovery platform has enabled the rapid identification of wholly-owned, proprietary TCRs.

      However, the journey has not been without its challenges. The company has seen notable pre-market movements and changes in its financial standing.

      The hunTR® TCR Discovery Platform: A Game-Changer

      Alaunos’ hunTR® platform has shown significant promise in identifying proprietary TCRs targeting driver mutations.

      This technological advancement has the potential to expand to multiple targets or cancer indications, leading the way for further innovation and breakthroughs in T-cell therapy.

      Discovering Proprietary TCRs

      Alaunos has demonstrated the ability to isolate neoantigen-specific TCRs from tumor resident T-cells using the hunTR® platform.

      The presence of these driver mutation-specific T-cells in the tumor potentially validates the relevance of the mutated target and the safety of the TCR for use in other cancer patients expressing the same neoantigen.

      The Future of hunTR® and Strategic Alternatives

      As the company winds down its TCR-T Library Phase 1/2 trial, it plans to focus on the hunTR® platform to explore potential partnering opportunities.

      Concurrently, Alaunos is considering strategic alternatives, including acquisition, merger, reverse merger, sale of assets, strategic partnerships, capital raises, or other transactions.

      Alaunos as a Pre-Market Mover

      In the pre-market session today, Alaunos Therapeutics Inc. (TCRT) experienced a volume surge of +62.21%, closing at 0.1348 USD. Despite a subsequent decline in price by -12.43%, reaching 0.0831 USD, the pre-market gap remained at +9.51%.

      Market Volatility and Investor Interest

      The overall pre-market performance reflects both heightened investor interest, as indicated by the increased volume, and market volatility.

      These pre-market movements underscore the challenges faced by Alaunos Therapeutics in the past year, with a -90.22% decrease in market capitalization.

      Financial Highlights of Alaunos Therapeutics

      In the second quarter of 2023, Alaunos announced financial results that tell a tale of resilience and strategic decision-making.

      • During Q2 2023, the company’s research and development (R&D) expenditures amounted to $5.2 million, reflecting a decline of around 13% compared to Q2 2022.
      • General and administrative expenses totaled $3.0 million, marking an 11% reduction compared to the corresponding period in 2022
      • As of June 30, 2023, Alaunos had approximately $18.3 million in cash balances. After implementing strategic reprioritization, the company expects to have sufficient cash resources to fund operations into the fourth quarter of 2023.


      Alaunos Therapeutics Inc. (TCRT) remains a key player in the T-cell receptor (TCR) cell therapy industry despite the recent market volatility.

      Its significant pre-market movements and strategic financial decisions showcase the company’s resilience and adaptability. As the company continues to prioritize its hunTR® TCR discovery platform, the future holds immense potential.

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