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      Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (ALPP) Soars on Dubai Drone Expansion Speculations

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      May 19, 2023

      7:51 AM UTC

      Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (ALPP) Soars on Dubai Drone Expansion Speculations

      Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ALPP), an industrial conglomerate in North America, is experiencing a notable after-market price surge, further building upon the positive momentum of previous days.

      The company operates in diverse sectors, offering automotive technologies, safety devices, fabrication services, logistics, electronic manufacturing, LED lighting, and more. This substantial jump in stock price reflects traders’ confidence in Alpine 4 Holdings’ strong growth potential for the short term.

      ALPP Soars After CEO Hints at Dubai Drone Expansion

      Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (ALPP) has been steadily climbing in the market, and with an additional 15% surge in after-hours trading, its stock price has risen from $1.80 to $2.50. The excitement intensified after CEO Kent Wilson hinted at a potential substantial expansion in the drone segment in Dubai during a recent interview.

      This news has caught the attention of investors, particularly market bulls. Anticipation is high for a groundbreaking contract announcement, especially given the ongoing developments in Dubai.

      Alpine’s Subsidiary Poised for Expansion

      Alpine 4 Holdings Inc has announced impressive results for its subsidiary, Alternative Laboratories (Alt Labs), in the first quarter of 2023. Alt Labs achieved a record-setting backlog of $8 million, the highest since its acquisition by Alpine 4 Holdings.

      The company also witnessed a 10% revenue growth in Q1 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Alt Labs attributes its success to strategic goals, investment in a new gummy line worth nearly $1 million, and the development of new customer relationships. With expectations of over 30% revenue growth, Alt Labs is poised for further expansion and operation of its new gummy line in 2023.


      The remarkable surge in Alpine 4 Holdings Inc’s stock price, combined with CEO Kent Wilson’s hints at a potential expansion in the drone segment in Dubai, has generated significant excitement among investors.

      With its subsidiary Alt Labs achieving impressive results and poised for further growth, the company is positioned for a promising future in diverse sectors.

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