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      American Oncology (AONC) Rises Following Expansion Move

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      June 6, 2024

      4:10 PM UTC

      American Oncology (AONC) Rises Following Expansion Move

      Following today’s announcement of an expansion plan, American Oncology Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: AONC) shares are significantly rising on US stock charts. As of the most recent current-market check, AONC’s shares have risen to $2.95, up 30.53%.

      A New Radiation Clinic

      The Low Country Radiation facility, located in Waycross, Georgia, has expanded the radiation oncology services offered by American Oncology Network (AONC). The facility will provide external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), a very effective treatment for several forms of cancer.

      By using high-dose radiation therapy to either kill or block the proliferation of cancer cells, it may be possible to lower the incidence of early-stage cancers, prevent them from returning, or diminish the signs and symptoms of metastatic illness.

      Offering Superior Treatment

      Under the auspices of American Oncology and leveraging the network’s extensive resources and support, Low Country Radiation is poised to enhance its radiation therapy services without any interruption to patient care. Existing patients will continue receiving care from their trusted physicians at the same facility, and the clinic will remain part of the patients’ insurance networks.

      Low Country Radiation’s team comprises experienced radiation oncologists committed to their community and dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care. Given the efficacy of radiation therapy in treating cancer and reducing tumors, maintaining accessible services for patients throughout their treatment journey is crucial.

      American Oncology aims to support the clinic’s operational needs, enabling physicians and staff to continue delivering the high standard of treatment for which they are renowned within the community.

      Strengthening Cancer Care

      American Oncology’s expansion into Waycross and the surrounding areas signifies a crucial advancement in bridging the cancer care gap, ensuring that all patients have access to the necessary treatments within their own communities.

      In addition to expanding American Oncology’s service area, the introduction of Low Country Radiation ensures that patients will have access to cutting-edge radiation therapy and caring assistance. This program demonstrates American Oncology’s dedication to building a strong, neighborhood-based cancer treatment system.

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