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      Best Natural Gas Stocks: Top Picks for Embracing the Rise!

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 2, 2023

      2:07 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 4, 2023

      9:04 AM UTC

      Best Natural Gas Stocks: Top Picks for Embracing the Rise!

      Today, we’re delving into the captivating realm of natural gas stocks, a sector that’s been causing quite a stir in recent headlines.

      With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, natural gas prices have soared to a 15-year high, triggering a cost-of-living and inflationary crisis in the UK.

      This price surge has been a game-changer for behemoths like BP and Shell, who’ve reaped impressive net profits from the seven-fold increase in natural gas prices within a mere two years.

      Now, here’s the exciting part – everyday investors can also ride the wave of potential gains in the natural gas market.

      So let’s navigate this dynamic landscape and explore the best natural gas stocks with long-term growth potential, where you too can be part of this exciting journey.

      Role of Natural Gas in the Green Energy Transition

      One aspect in particular, that investors must pay close attention to is the fact that natural gas plays a crucial role in the green energy transition.

      As the world moves towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources, natural gas acts as a bridge between fossil fuels and renewables.

      Its lower carbon emissions make it a viable alternative to coal and oil, aiding in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

      Additionally, advancements in technologies like carbon capture and storage further enhance its environmental credentials.

      As governments and industries commit to net-zero targets, natural gas will remain integral in supporting the transition to a greener future.

      Wise investments in companies embracing cleaner natural gas solutions can yield substantial returns while contributing to a more sustainable planet.

      Implications of Ukraine Invasion on Natural Gas

      For natural gas investors, understanding the implications of the Ukraine conflict is crucial.

      The war has shown how geopolitical events can have a significant impact on the natural gas industry, affecting supplies and prices.

      With Europe heavily reliant on Russian gas, the conflict has raised concerns about energy security and the need for diversification.

      As a result, European countries are seeking alternative gas sources, and the European Commission is pushing for a clean energy transition to reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

      While the constrained supply caused by the Ukraine conflict may seem concerning, it can actually present opportunities for natural gas investors.

      When supply is limited, demand for natural gas tends to remain strong, which can drive up prices and boost profits for companies operating in the sector. This ties into simple economics.

      As European countries look for alternative gas sources, companies involved in exploring, producing, and transporting natural gas could benefit from increased demand for their services.

      However, the systematic risks are closely tied to geopolitics.

      Advantages of Investing in Natural Gas Stocks

      Advantages of Investing in Natural Gas Stocks

      Now that we’ve got a fair understanding of natural gas, and why investors seem to be flocking toward it in the current economic climate, let’s delve into the advantages it potentially lays in front of its investors:

      • Sustainable Energy Demand

        Natural gas is a clean and reliable source of energy, and the demand for it keeps growing.

        As the world shifts towards greener alternatives, natural gas serves as a bridge fuel, ensuring steady demand for the foreseeable future.

      • Seasonal Resilience

        Natural gas stocks tend to perform well during certain seasons, like winter, when energy demand surges for heating purposes.

        This seasonality can provide investors with predictable opportunities for potential gains.

      • Infrastructure Advantage

        Natural gas pipelines and storage facilities form a crucial part of the energy distribution network.

        Companies with a strong infrastructure presence can enjoy stable revenue streams and a competitive edge in the market.

      • Export Opportunities

        With the abundance of natural gas in some regions, companies can tap into international markets, benefitting from the global demand for cleaner energy sources and potentially increasing their revenue streams.

      • Government Support

        Many governments incentivize the use of natural gas as part of their environmental policies.

        Companies invested in natural gas can benefit from tax breaks and other supportive measures, adding to their profitability.

      Key Metrics for Gauging Natural Gas Stocks

      Before diving into our top natural gas stock picks, let’s take a closer look at how to evaluate their financial performance.

      Key Metrics for Gauging Natural Gas Stocks

      Understanding which key metrics to turn to can help investors make informed decisions and maximize their potential returns from natural gas stocks:

      • Reserve Replacement Ratio (RRR)

        The RRR tells us how well a natural gas company replaces the amount of gas it produces each year.

        A ratio above 1 means they’re finding and adding more reserves, which is a good sign of future growth.

      • Debt-to-Equity Ratio (D/E)

        This measure demonstrates the level of debt a company carries in relation to its shareholders’ equity.

        A lower D/E ratio indicates a healthier financial position, as it means the company relies less on borrowed money.

        This is especially important for natural gas companies that have high capital expenditures.

      • Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E)

        The P/E ratio helps you see how much you’re paying for each dollar of the company’s earnings.

        A lower P/E ratio suggests the stock might be undervalued, while a higher ratio may mean it’s overvalued. It all ties into the intrinsic value of a stock.

      • Operating Margin

        The Operating Margin measures the efficiency of natural gas companies in generating profit from their core gas extraction operations.

        A higher operating margin indicates better profitability and effective cost management.

      Our Top Natural Gas Picks

      Finally, we head to the part you’ve all been waiting for. The natural gas stocks themselves.

      So, without further delay, join us, as we dive into some of the very best picks from the natural gas industry, that hold immense promise:

      1. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

        We begin with Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: CHK), which is among the very best in this space.

        Don’t let the current market conditions fool you; this company has excellent leadership and a strategic edge.

        They’ve secured some of the most sought-after land holdings in the natural gas market, and they’re conveniently close to lucrative distribution hubs.

        Admittedly, their stock prices have taken a hit due to the natural gas market situation.

        But fear not! This is the perfect opportunity for savvy investors to grab hold of a future dividend star.

        Chesapeake Energy is now primarily a natural gas company, with significant interests in key areas like the Marcellus, Haynesville, and Eagle Ford Shales.

        Sure, they went through a rough patch in the past with a bankruptcy filing, but they’ve restructured and emerged stronger and with rock-solid fundamentals.

        Now, with a solid plan and focus, they’re ready to shine.

        If you’re looking for a natural gas stock with growth potential and a promising dividend, Chesapeake Energy is definitely worth considering.

      2. Antero Resources

        If you’re looking for a top natural gas stock to consider, look no further than Antero Resources (NYSE: AR).

        This company is making waves in the natural gas market, and I’m jumping on board!

        The natural gas market is shaping up nicely – slower production growth, surging demand, and rising overseas prices.

        Antero is in a sweet spot to benefit from this trend.

        They’re a big player in the US, producing a significant amount of liquids, which cushions them against price swings.

        The best part? They’re well-positioned for LNG exports, fetching premium prices. Debt reduction and share buybacks show they mean business.

        Sure, trading natural gas can be wild, but the risk/reward here is very compelling. It’s a trade, not a long-term thing.

        If the trend continues, Antero could be a big winner. Keep an eye on it – this ride could be exciting!

      3. EQT Corporation

        For number three on our list, we move towards the star player, EQT Corporation (NYSE: EQT).

        This company is not only the biggest natural gas producer in the US, but it’s also got a loyal following among investors seeking gas exposure.

        Now, the natural gas industry hasn’t had it easy, with prices plummeting like a roller coaster.

        But fear not! The outlook is looking bright, especially with increasing demand for liquefied natural gas exports.

        EQT stands out for a reason. They play it smart with their disciplined approach to acquisitions, rock-solid hedging strategy, and capital returns game.

        They’ve got a strong balance sheet, improved credit ratings, and even a juicy dividend that’s been hiked recently.

        Sure, there might be some short-term risks, but in the long haul, EQT’s got the potential to shoot for the stars.

        So, if you’re in it for the long run, keep a close eye on this one – EQT could be your ticket to gas-fueled success.

      4. Peyto Exploration & Development

        If you’re looking for a top-notch natural gas stock to add to your investment portfolio, Peyto Exploration & Development (PEYAF) is one you should seriously consider. These guys know their stuff.

        During Q1, Peyto flexed its muscles, churning out almost 103,000 barrels of oil-equivalent per day, with a whopping 88% of that being natural gas.

        Above all, they’re no slouch in keeping costs down either, being a low-cost producer with solid operating and transportation expenses.

        Here’s the kicker – their net income was just under C$90M, resulting in a sweet EPS of C$0.51.

        Plus, they’re not shy about securing a higher realized price with their hedging policy and access to other markets.

        Sure, natural gas spot prices may fluctuate, but Peyto has proven its ability to navigate through the market and come out on top.

        With a stable reserve life of approximately 24 years and a net debt position of C$830M, these guys are looking strong.

        So, if you’re thinking about diving into the natural gas game, keep an eye on Peyto Exploration. It might just be the perfect fit for your investment goals.

      5. ONEOK

        Finally, we turn to the remarkable American natural gas producer, ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE: OKE).

        This big player in the natural gas industry boasts a market cap of $30 billion, and it’s got an impressive portfolio of midstream assets driving serious volume.

        That’s some valuable stuff, folks!

        So, ONEOK has been crushing it lately, with over 25 years of stable dividends and a sweet 12% annual growth rate.

        Sure, there was a hiccup thanks to COVID-19, but they’re bouncing back strong.

        With a juicy 5.7% dividend yield and a focus on shoveling cash flow into dividends, they’re showing commitment to shareholders.

        Their asset portfolio is no joke either. With a 40-thousand-mile pipeline network and more than 10% of U.S. natural gas production depending on them, they’re sitting pretty.

        Plus, natural gas is a solid transitional fuel with a bright future. We expect demand to stick around for ages.

        Sure, there are some risks – prices and demands can play tricks on them, and they’re throwing money into growth capital.

        But with their guidance showing robust growth and a history of strong returns, ONEOK certainly seems that it will keep delivering those sweet dividends. So, keep an eye on this one.

      Exploring Different Types of Natural Gas Stocks

      We now take a look into the world of natural gas stocks and take a look at the different types of companies involved in this booming industry.

      Exploring Different Types of Natural Gas Stocks

      Natural gas is a versatile energy source, and there are several players along the value chain that can offer exciting investment opportunities.

      Some of these are discussed below:

      • Explorers and Producers

        These are the trailblazers of the natural gas world.

        They’re the ones venturing into uncharted territories, exploring underground to discover new natural gas reserves.

        Once they locate gas, they start pumping it out of the ground and into our lives.

        These companies are vital to the entire natural gas supply chain because, without their discoveries, we wouldn’t have the fuel to power our homes, industries, and everything in between.

      • Midstream Companies

        To get to us, natural gas requires long-distance travel through a reliable transport system.

        That’s where midstream companies step in. They own and operate pipelines, storage facilities, and processing plants.

        These unsung heroes efficiently transport and process the natural gas, ensuring it gets from the production site to your doorstep safely and efficiently.

        Think of them as the logistical masterminds of the natural gas industry.

      • Utility Companies

        Utility companies distribute natural gas to our homes, businesses, and power plants.

        They bring fuel to the end-users, allowing us to enjoy hot showers, cook our favorite meals, and keep our homes toasty in the winter.

        Utility companies often have a steady and reliable stream of income since they serve the day-to-day energy needs of consumers and businesses.

      • Integrated Energy Companies

        Now, these are the big guns. Integrated energy companies do it all.

        They have their hands in exploration, production, midstream operations, and even utility services.

        These giants play a significant role in the natural gas value chain, wielding immense influence over the industry’s direction.

        With their diversified operations, they can weather the ups and downs of the market and offer investors exposure to various aspects of the natural gas business.

        These are suitable for investors seeking holistic exposure to the world of natural gas.

      • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Producers

        Picture natural gas in its liquid form, compacted and ready for shipping to distant lands. That’s where LNG producers come in.

        They chill natural gas to -162°C (-260°F) to turn it into a liquid state, making it easier and more cost-effective to transport across the globe.

        These companies play a vital role in the international natural gas trade and benefit from the increasing demand for cleaner energy sources worldwide.

      Risks to Keep in Mind

      Alright, fellow investors, now that we spoke at length about how great natural stocks can be, it would only be fair to highlight some of the risks associated with investing in them.

      Risks to Keep in Mind

      Although the opportunity is sizzling, the following must be taken into consideration:

      • Price Volatility

        The natural gas market can be extremely unpredictable and jumpy.

        Prices can swing like a pendulum due to all sorts of factors like weather patterns, geopolitical tensions, and changes in supply and demand.

        So, be prepared to factor in the impact of beta.

      • Regulatory and Environmental Concerns

        The natural gas industry is no stranger to environmental scrutiny.

        As the world gears up for cleaner energy solutions, new regulations and policies could ignite challenges for natural gas producers.

        If you decide to invest in this industry, make sure you keep a keen eye on changing environmental standards and how companies are adapting.

      • Competition

        The natural gas sector has its fair share of competition. From other fossil fuels to the rising stars of renewable energy, the battle for market share is real.

        Be sure to assess how companies position themselves against the competition.

      • Production Risks

        In the natural gas business, you can always expect to see some curveballs, and in the natural gas game, disruptions to production can happen spontaneously.

        Accidents, equipment failures, or natural disasters could impact supply, leading to unforeseen consequences on stock prices.

      • Pipeline Politics

        Let’s face it; pipelines are vital for transporting natural gas from production sites to consumers.

        However, getting new pipelines approved can be a daunting political process, with delays and opposition from government bureaucracies causing headaches for companies and investors alike.

      Risk Management Strategies for Natural Gas Investors

      Now that we’ve explored the risks lurking in the natural gas jungle, let’s gear up with some savvy yet targeted risk management strategies to keep our portfolios hot, and away from any danger:

      • Futures Contracts

        Embrace the power of natural gas futures contracts.

        These contracts allow you to lock in prices for future delivery, shielding your portfolio from sudden price spikes or plunges.

        As the natural gas market can be influenced by factors like weather and geopolitical events, futures contracts provide an essential tool to manage risk exposure.

      • Weather Derivatives

        We all know weather impacts natural gas demand, especially during peak winter seasons, but did you know that you can also weatherproof your portfolio using weather derivatives?

        These instruments offer protection against extreme weather conditions that may disrupt natural gas production or consumption.

        When the weather takes an unexpected turn, these derivatives can serve as your shield against losses.

      • Environmental Stewardship Matters

        As stewards of the environment, investors must scrutinize how companies handle environmental risks.

        Assess their commitment to sustainability, methane emissions reduction efforts, and carbon capture and storage initiatives.

        Aligning your investments with eco-conscious companies can shield you from potential regulatory and reputational risks. It is also a sustainable path to follow.

      • Stay Informed on Geopolitical Hotspots

        Geopolitical risks can set the natural gas market ablaze. Keep an eye on regions with geopolitical tensions as supply disruptions or political shifts in major producing countries may affect global natural gas prices.

        Understanding the geopolitical map can help you navigate these fiery waters. Don’t be afraid to adjust positions as soon as you sense trouble may be brewing in a certain critical region.

      • Focus on End-Users

        Don’t forget about the end-users! While production risks get much attention, changes in demand can be equally influential.

        Keep tabs on evolving energy policies, technological advancements, and renewable energy adoption, as they can affect natural gas consumption patterns pretty significantly.


      The natural gas sector presents a captivating and dynamic landscape for investors to explore.

      Recent geopolitical events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have significantly impacted natural gas prices, creating both challenges and opportunities for investors.

      However, amidst the turmoil, natural gas continues to play a vital role in the green energy transition as a cleaner bridge fuel.

      Overall, the natural gas sector offers promising prospects for long-term growth, and investors can actively participate in this exciting journey while contributing to a more sustainable future.

      By staying informed, assessing risks, and making strategic investments, investors can position themselves to benefit from the evolving natural gas market.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are Natural Gas Stocks a Safe Investment Amid Geopolitical Tensions?

      While risks exist within natural gas investing, prudent strategies like hedging and diversification can mitigate potential impacts.

      How Does Natural Gas Contribute to The Green Energy Transition?

      Natural gas serves as a cleaner bridge fuel, reducing greenhouse gases and supporting sustainable energy goals.

      What Key Metrics Should I Consider When Evaluating Natural Gas Stocks?

      When evaluating natural gas stocks, look at Reserve Replacement Ratio, Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Price-to-Earnings Ratio, and Operating Margin for informed decisions.

      What Risks Should I Be Aware of When Investing in Natural Gas Stocks?

      Price volatility, regulatory changes, competition, production risks, and geopolitical events are key factors to monitor, if you have invested in natural gas stocks.

      How Can I Manage Risks in The Natural Gas Market?

      Utilize futures contracts, and weather derivatives, and focus on eco-conscious companies to safeguard your natural gas investments.

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