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      Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 25, 2022

      4:34 PM UTC

      Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      When things look dire and bleak, a great way to scour out strong cryptocurrencies is by turning one’s attention towards those that achieved all-time highs (ATH). These are great bets to play on considering the positive sentiment that has driven up the prices to record highs. There is a reasonable probability within these cases to assume such momentum can be pulled through further throughout the upcoming days.

      top cryptocurrencies

      As of the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies hit the ATH mark:

      ATH Coins


      Monsterra (MSTR) was among the big winners of recent days, which reached a peak price of $0.346 earlier today. The token has been in circulation only since Wednesday last week and had started off with a downward slide to an all-time low of $0.211 by Friday. The following days saw impressive growth that pushed up its price by nearly 35% to its early ATH aforementioned.


      Rocki has shown incredible performance lately, with a climb of nearly 40% in just the last 24 hours. This also saw the token push up to a record new high of $0.0603 yesterday, indicating the rapid momentum of the fast-gaining cryptocurrency. What is most incredible was the sudden nature of the growth surge, with ROCKI jumping up 97% almost instantaneously, in a manner that few could have predicted.


      Qlindo had also shone bright today, making its way to the top. Having been in trade since only the 9th of August, the token broke prior records and touched $0.0281. The token was typically overlooked in the prior weeks but interest surrounding it continuously grew in the prior days. Yesterday saw its 24-hour trade volume jump from $250,000 to $900,000, whereas today the figure stands at nearly $2.2 million.

      Geegoo Puzzle

      Geegoo Puzzle (GGP) too made it on the list of the week’s top names reaching its ATH of $26 on Saturday. Earlier, on the same day, the token was trading at a mere $15.78 and had been driven up with an incredible volume surge of optimists, in a remarkable 65% jump. Although GGP is now back down to $17.80, its steady climb brings hopes of a potential bounce back. Similarly, its present trade volume of nearly $4 million further adds to the hopes of its holders.

      Fracton Protocol

      Fracton Protocol (FP) was amongst the week’s remarkable players that made it to its ATH in a record-shattering climb. Although FP has been in circulation for barely two weeks, it has seen quite the roller coaster. Upon initiating a trade, FP jumped massively from $1.16 to $1.60. This boost was short-lived, and the next several days brought a steady decline. Things took a turn on Saturday when FP began regaining its price, eventually peaking at $1.97 on Tuesday.

      Top Moving Cryptocurrencies (24H)

      Another area that crypto-investors can look towards in an environment of ‘extreme fear’ is that of the biggest gainers of the day. This highlights which coins still have confident traders backing their rise amidst all the doom and gloom seen. The following cryptocurrencies stand as having gained the most in just the last 24 hours alone:


      Bluzelle (BLZ) took the lead amongst the winners of the day, shooting up from $0.097, right up to $0.188, which indicates a boost of nearly 94%. Although BLZ is presently trading at $0.156, its gains for the day still stand at an incredible 62%, making it among the top winners of the day, as of yet. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has taken the market by storm, with investors rushing to get a piece of this cake. Today’s BLZ trade volume surged by over 600% to a present figure of $280 million.


      ThetaDrop (TDROP) also performed spectacularly, seeing a price jump from $0.0068 to a daily peak of $0.0117, indicating a sharp 72% between the highest and lowest points of the day. As the day continued, TDROP began approaching stability, with its present gains down to almost 50%, which is still spectacular considering its opening price. Volume however continues an upward climb, with the present figure just having crossed the $17 million mark.

      Vita Inu

      Vita Inu (VINU), the canine-themed governance coin continued its month-long steady climb, with the last 24 hours bringing in the most spectacular single-day jump of 105%, which is presently down at a still remarkable 70%. Present trends indicate that the day’s gains could potentially be a lot higher than what we presently see. This is further reinforced by its steadily increasing trade volume. In the last 24 hours, trade volume has almost doubled to over $5.2 million.

      Loom Network

      Loom Network (LOOM) has taken over the market spotlight, given the spectacular growth it has achieved, in an almost instantaneous manner. The token jumped up from $0.045 to $0.053, seemingly out of nowhere, which brought in drives of investors to be a part of the show. This then had further seen a tremendous jump to $0.059, putting the gain figure above 31%. Throughout this time, volume had surged from $1 million to a staggering $86 million, with no sight of a slowdown.


      Decred (DCR) has also managed to come in with a 26% gain in the last 24 hours. In its jump from $26 to $38, the coin brought in quite some delight to its holders, which then saw a storm of interested traders rush the coin. As a result, DCR, which by yesterday had a trading volume of $1.6 million, is presently at a volume level of above $25 million. Because of this, many expect even more impressive growth as the day continues.

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