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      BP p.l.c. (BP) stock soared in the recent trading session: here’s why - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      April 6, 2021

      5:07 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 2, 2021

      4:34 AM UTC

      BP p.l.c. (BP) stock soared in the recent trading session: here’s why - Stocks Telegraph

      BP stock recently traded at $25.46 which is a 5.03% upward movement. The BP stock previously closed at $24.26.

      The recent BP stock movement has had a positive bump which came adjacent with the BP announcement that it is expecting to reach its net debt target earlier than expected.

      In-depth operational background of BP PLC

      BP PLC is the leading energy company globally. It was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in London, UK. The Upstream segment of BP consists of oil and gas exploration and extraction. The process also includes operations of processing, supplying, marketing, and trading of LNG and other fuels that have been extracted. The downstream segment of operation includes the refinement process, manufacturing, transportation and trading of crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical, and supply services to wholesale and retail customers. The last operation segment of BP PLC is known as the Rosneft segment which owns 13 refineries in Russia and engages in the exploration and production of mainly Hydrocarbons. Its other products include ethanol, bio-power, solar energy, and lubricant activities.

      BP PLC announces that it is reaching its net debt target earlier

      Along with possibly reaching the net debt target which was boosted by assets sales, there was also news of oil prices going up and higher. BP had previously forecasted that Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022 will be the timeline where it will reach its $35 billion net debt. Furthermore, the details of the sale include an Oman-based oil field’s stake as well as an interest in Palantir. This Q1 net sale totaled $4.7 billion. BP stock will now resume its share buybacks.

      Reasons of increase in Oil prices

      The Brent futures rose to $62.63 (0.8%) and crude futures reached $59.21 (1%). However, oil price had fallen a day earlier by around 4% on both Brent and crude futures. The reason for this was that OPEC countries and OPEC-allied countries decided to increase oil production to 350,000 bpd supply in May, 350,000 bpd in June, and 400,000 in July.

      Rise of prices is due to uplift in the economy of the US and China. UK is seeing the ease in lockdown restrictions as the number of COVID cases reduces in the country and chances of herd community become seemingly possible. Earlier in the UK, there was a fear of oil demand dropping because UK prime minister Boris Johnson made no confirmation as to when the foreign travel may resume since new variants have emerged.

      Speculation of Iran-US talks and potential nuclear-deal

      Since Biden has taken the seat of presidency there has been ongoing discussions of talks with Iran. These discussions have been around the subject of allowing Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for restriction of a nuclear program to allow it to connect with the rest of the world. Now the latest round of talks is happening indirectly in Vienna. However, it has raised concerns and speculations of global oil price dropping again if the deal went through as Iranian oil supply will increase in the world.

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