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      CMND Sees Pre-Market Surge With Breakthroughs in Treatment

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      May 19, 2023

      11:50 AM UTC

      CMND Sees Pre-Market Surge With Breakthroughs in Treatment

      Clearmind Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ: CMND), a pre-clinical pharmaceutical company specializing in developing psychedelic medicines, is witnessing a significant surge in pre-market trading volume.

      With market participants anticipating a double-digit price increase, the company’s innovative treatments for various health problems are attracting attention and fueling expectations for its future growth.

      Bullish Indicators on CMND and Possible Short Squeeze

      Market participants are closely monitoring Clearmind Medicine Inc. (CMND) as they believe the company is significantly undervalued and subject to heavy short selling, with a short interest exceeding 22%.

      Despite the stock’s moderate Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 36.6, traders are observing an emerging golden crossover pattern, a bullish technical indicator. This trend has sparked excitement among investors, fueling expectations of a substantial price surge. With the anticipation of further upward momentum, bulls are eagerly following CMND’s rally, hoping for a favorable outcome.

      Clearmind Medicine’s Potential Breakthrough in AUD Treatment

      Clearmind Medicine Inc. has obtained Ethics Committee approval for its CM-CMND-001 Phase I/II clinical trial at Israel’s IMCA center, targeting alcohol use disorder (AUD).

      With the alcohol treatment market estimated to be a $35 billion annual industry in the U.S. alone, Clearmind’s $4 million market cap seems disproportionately small given the total addressable market opportunity. Current AUD therapies often have limited effectiveness, high relapse rates, and adverse effects.

      However, CMND-100, Clearmind’s MEAI-based compound, has shown promising results in pre-clinical studies, significantly reducing alcohol cravings and consumption with a favorable safety profile. The once-a-day oral capsule has the potential to revolutionize AUD treatment and enhance patient compliance.


      Clearmind Medicine Inc. (CMND) has experienced a surge in pre-market volume, attracting attention and fueling expectations for its innovative treatments.

      Market participants anticipate bullish indicators and closely watch for a potential short squeeze. CMND’s breakthrough compound shows promise in revolutionizing alcohol use disorder treatment, generating further interest.

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