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      Crypto Performance Weekly Review: Top Winners and Losers - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      January 17, 2023

      6:10 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 24, 2023

      6:02 AM UTC

      Crypto Performance Weekly Review: Top Winners and Losers - Stocks Telegraph

      The sleeping crypto-bull has finally arisen, and is charging in full action. As a result of the BTC and ETH rise, market confidence has been soaring, and several cryptocurrencies took off spectacularly. At the time of writing this newsletter, the following stand as being the top crypto gainers of this week:


      Top Weekly Gainers


      aiRight (AIRI) found itself taking on a rocketing price trajectory this week, as it blew up from $0.00158 to its current high of $0.00820, which denotes a jump of a whopping 419%. Working on an NFT and copyright management platform, the project has a great narrative, and strong momentum, and is favorably suited to take off amid this increasingly bullish crypto environment.


      Trava.Finance (TRAVA) is yet another crypto initiative that has all in the market turning heads, as its token climbed up from $0.000279 to $0.001755 within a single week. This 529% weekly rise is incredibly impressive, and volume continues to rise up from $40,000 to over $1.7 million in the last seven days. With an active development team and an inherently safe project, many are calling TRAVA the hottest deal of January.


      In an explosive price burst, TEMDAO (TEM) took off earlier this week, from $0.039 to its present price of $0.216, which makes up a climb of 454%. This catalyst that triggered this remarkable price pump seemingly comes from the public endorsement of TEMDAO made by the webcam model, Gloria Sabra. It is important to point out, however, that momentum appears to be coming to a close, as volume has gradually fallen from $3.4 million to $900,000, during the week.

      Timeless (LIT)

      Timeless (LIT) has been taking on an impressive climb in recent days, as it more than tripled its price from $0.017 to over $0.055, in just one week. Volume during this time has steadily been ballooning from $28,000 to $3.8 million. Timeless has several upcoming catalysts, which explain the current boom, including an airdrop, a Bunni website launch, as well as Gauge reward initiation.


      By far the biggest winner this week, in terms of its trade volume of $111 million in Serum (SRM). This cryptocurrency almost tripled its price in its weekly take-off from $0.18 to $0.49. This high-performance decentralized exchange is an obvious name to take off with improving market sentiment, and the rise of top crypto names. However, traders must be cautious as trade volume has fallen considerably in the last few days, from $1.3 billion to $111 million. This descent may very well continue in the upcoming days, bringing about price stability for SRM.

      Top Weekly Losers

      With the spectacular rise seen in the overall crypto-market, and bulls fully activated, there are also several names in the crypto-sphere that did not perform up to mark and have even brought in quite the losses to their holders in the prior week. At the time of writing this newsletter, the top weekly losers among cryptocurrencies, are as follows:

      Omni Real Estate Token

      The Omni Real Estate Token (ORT) stands as the biggest loser this week, and, by far the hardest hit, as it lost nearly all its price value in the last few hours. Following updates that ORT was exploited by a hacker on the BNB chain, who had gained approximately $70,000, a mass sell-off was triggered, as trade volume jumped up from virtually zero to over $700,000 in less than an hour. During this time, ORT price sank from $0.006374 to $0.0000001, which approximates to a 99.9999% fall.


      Create (CT) too is another crypto name that seems to be undergoing a hard plummet this week, after concerns of it being unsellable for 10 days, and its liquidity locked in. These concerns have led to panic among its holders through social media, who have been labeling it as being a “scam token”. In the pessimism that ensued, market bears have driven down CT from $0.070 to $0.014, in the last seven days, in a loss translating to 80%.

      Old Bitcoin

      Another devastating fall seen this week was that of Old Bitcoin (BC) which dropped from a high of $0.2216 to its present low of $0.0672. This gradual price shed has caused BC holders to lose about 70% of their holding value. The trigger behind this fall comes from heavy selling within insiders, without any disclosures, which has understandably spread panic across the market.

      ViCa Token

      ViCa Token fell from $0.046 to a present low of $0.015, in the last 7 days, a fall equating to 67% in the red. However, as volume has been ramping up lately, from $12,000 to $2.3 million, it is apparent that bulls are pushing for a fightback, as ViCa has more than doubled its price in the last 24 hours. It is evident that several market participants are aiming to buy the dip, and are driving up the price in the process.

      Niobium Coin

      Another unfortunate name that made it to our list of weekly losers is that of Niobium Coin (NBC) which shed its price considerably, despite its trade volume of almost $12 million, seen early this morning. NBC has plunged from $0.174 to $0.028, in the last week, translating to a loss of 84%. The fall comes after an explosive price pump, which continues to correct itself with a hard fall driven by bears.

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