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      Crypto Weekly Performers: Top Gainers and Losers - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      January 24, 2023

      5:21 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 24, 2023

      6:02 AM UTC

      Crypto Weekly Performers: Top Gainers and Losers - Stocks Telegraph

      With the raging crypto bull swinging in full might, the wider market is experiencing optimism and positive outlook in a way it had not done so for a long time. Several winners continue to emerge as a result of this market shift, bringing many weekly gainers. At the time of writing this newsletter, the following stand as being the top crypto gainers of this week:

      Top Weekly Gainers

      Digimon Rabbit:

      The most impressive of winners this week is undoubtedly the Digimon Rabbit (DRB) with its climb amounting to 4200% in the seven days alone. This digital monster NFT project saw an explosion of interest surrounding it, on Chinese New year’s day, which was the year of the rabbit. As a result, DRB enjoyed positive crypto-press, with many Chinese market participants celebrating by purchasing Digimon Rabbit NFTs.

      Vince Chain:

      Another top winner that cannot be overlooked is Vince Chain (VCE), which exploded in price yesterday, from $0.0000036 to $0.0001600, amounting to a staggering 4300% jump. However, the peak could not remain at a stable level throughout the day, bringing down VCE to its present price of $0.000516, and weekly gains at 1333%. The rise over the last seven days continues to remain nothing short of incredible, and many in the market are calling Vince Chain, a hidden gem, following this tremendous pump.

      Web5 Inu:

      In an explosive price climb, Web5 Inu (WEB5) sustained an epic price climb of over 500%, along with a trading volume culminating at the $1 million mark earlier today. Despite this remarkable surge market participants are calling for caution with the price rise being labeled an artificial pump that may inevitably see collapse. A major reason for these fears is the lack of any project-related updates or developments.

      Galaxia (GXA):

      Galaxia (GXA) has shown a remarkable price curve in this prior week, with it more than tripling its overall price during this period from $0.0062 to $0.0214. This increase translates to a price gain of 245%. Even more noteworthy than this price jump, however, is Galaxia’s present trade volume of over $17 million. Interest in the crypto-project has been relatively high after it announced the launch of its NFT-based concert ticketing system, earlier this week.

      Katana Inu:

      Another epic weekly gainer was Katana Inu (KATA), which jumped during the last 7 days from $0.00014 to $0.00057, translating to a rise of over 300%. Many bulls were behind this price quadrupling, as Katana Inu holds a fast-growing trade volume of $3 million. Kata Inu stands as one of the most highly anticipated blockchain games, owing to a highly successful social media marketing effort, and regular events and crypto-updates.

      Top Weekly Losers

      Even though the market overall stands in a spectacular bullish phase, this did not stop several crypto-players from undertaking severe price plummets. Over the course of the last week, many cryptocurrencies delivered hard losses to their holders. At the time of writing this newsletter, the top weekly losers among cryptocurrencies, are as follows:


      One of the hardest hit players this week was T23, which experienced a weekly price plummet, taking it down by over 90%, to $0.000000004. Volume throughout the week has been volatile, rising high above $1 million at certain points, and falling to as low as $100,000 during others. The crypto-price plunge comes amid growing distrust toward the admin and development teams, which have allegedly been asking questions regarding fund transparency.


      Popcoin (POP) too is another crypto name that seems to be undergoing a hard fall in recent days, after its play-to-earn concept received scathing criticism across social media. As the week took hold, POP saw its price take off from $0.00540 to a high of $0.01052. However, this artificial price pump could remain at a stable level, and Popcoin fell to its present low of $0.00089.


      Kyrrex (KRRX) continues to face a downward facing price correction after its crypto-price ballooned to a high of $0.59 this month, following news of its listing on Huobi. The opportunity was understandably ripe for a price pump, and KRRX is now deflating back to realistic levels. In the last seven days, KRRX plunged from $0.59 to below $0.25, slashing more than half of its price during this period.


      The week-old crypto player, Intelly (INTL) has been facing an onslaught this week after its listing on LBank. It has fallen far from its initial price of $1.03 and is presently trading close to the $0.56 mark. The market is determining a stable price range for this young cryptocurrency, and further volatility may be likely as volume eventually flattens in the coming days and weeks.

      The Rug Game:

      Another unfortunate name that made it to our list of losers for the week is The Rug Game (TRG). The Rug Game has been seeing a slow-bleeding crypto-fall this prior week, during which it lost close to 45% of its price. This price decline may eventually stable out, considering the fact that trade volume in the last seven days has dropped from over $17 million to barely $1 million, at present.

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