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      Crypto Weekly Winners: ATH Coins And Top Movers (24H) - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      January 20, 2023

      6:19 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 24, 2023

      6:02 AM UTC

      Crypto Weekly Winners: ATH Coins And Top Movers (24H) - Stocks Telegraph

      As the market rises up to glorious heights and is backed by optimistic bulls increasingly becoming more active due to strong sentiment, several price rallies have been experienced throughout the crypto space. One domain where this bullish rise is apparent is among ATH coins or those cryptocurrencies that have surpassed their own records, in reaching new heights. At the time of writing the newsletter, the following winners stand as the top ATH coins:


      ATH coins

      Dives Defi (DDF)

      Dives Defi (DDF) has been on an upward growth move since its launch in the crypto-market, on early December 2022. Given this persistent rise supported by its optimistic backers, this multi-currency contract pool has been setting a new ATH point almost on a daily basis for the last four weeks. Its recent achievement of $250 sets a new benchmark, which in all likelihood it will continue to surpass throughout the following days and weeks.

      EmirateSwap (EMC)

      EmirateSwap (EMC) undertook a hard tumble upon its launch in October last year and has been making further movements in the red for most of that time, falling to even newer lows. The last few days however have seen bulls rushing this innovative cryptocurrency, which allows betting on crypto movements via the Dex exchange. As a result, EMC took off for the first time even beyond its initial high price of $0.0019 and has presently achieved an all-time high of $0.0027.


      FanCoin (FNC) had seen a rocketing growth trajectory during the days of the world cup, and stabilized following Argentina’s win, and the subsequent hype die down. In recent weeks, however, FNC has found a new life, and has been growing in popularity with its handsome crypto-reward system for content contribution and gamification. FNC has once again raised the bar, as it always had throughout the prior months, and established an ATH point of $0.0193


      STA has been showing a strong growth trajectory of a consistent crypto-rise since mid-October, along with highly robust fundamentals. Although it has been undertaking a slow and steady rise for most of this time, recent days saw it take on a terrific price jump that took it to a record high of $1.52. It is evident that market bulls feel the conditions are ripe for STA to accelerate its upward climb.

      The Debt Box

      The Debt Box (DEBT) has had an interesting price curve since its initiation in August last year and has consistently been falling from its start price of $21 to as low as $10. Given its linkage to real-world commodities such as gold and crude oil, however, it has been on a surging growth trajectory since the start of 2023 and has recently made it to a new high point of a whopping $39.

      Top Movers (24H)

      Similar to how the ATH coin category portrays some of the top winners amid the recent bullish rush seen across the market, another area of interest is the top movers of the last 24 hours. These cryptocurrencies, which have undertaken epic climbs in a single day, also are clear winners, and are as follows:

      FreshCut Diamond

      FreshCut Diamond (FCD) stands as the top gaming crypto beneficiary in these favorable times, as the cryptocurrency more than doubled its price in the last 24 hours alone. Its jump from $0.018 to $0.049 translates to a climb of 172%. Its volume figure is presently standing at $1.5 million, up drastically from yesterday’s $33,000 mark. FCD clearly is undergoing a very strong price pump.

      Germany Rabbit Token

      Germany Rabbit Token (GERMANY), the ultimate rabbit meme coin, is seeing wild craze among its backers in the market today, owing to its spectacular popularity. The token awoke from its state of paralysis two days ago, and has today exploded in price by 147%, in a stellar growth trajectory. Its take-off marks the end of the hesitance phase that crypto traders were locked in for the last several months.


      tomiNet (TOMI) also caught a share of the glory among today’s list of crypto-winners, as it rose impressively from $0.21 to $0.39, with a trading volume of $2 million. The project has been seeing a surge in popularity following 58.5 million TOMI tokens moving to a smart contract system vesting over 2 years, as well as its truly decentralized and private web browser going live.

      Shina Inu

      Shina Inu (SHI) has just had one of its most successful days, in its price rise, as it surged from $0.0000011 to $0.0000019, translating to a jump of over 72%. This fun meme token and captivating NFT collection had been suffering with tough crypto market conditions in the prior months. However, as market sentiment showed booming improvement, Shina Inu fans awoke from the lull and began drastically upping their stakes in the ecosystem. This is evident from the 400% volume jump in the last 24 hours alone.

      Life Crypto

      Life Crypto (LIFE),  the non-custodial and multichain wallet has been on a remarkable growth trend today, as it stepped up from $0.00089 to $0.00126, translating to a 42% take-off in only 24 hours. The trigger behind this sudden take-off comes as the project launches its mobile application for Android on the Google Play Store today, which enables the transfer of crypto, via easy, custom nicknames, truly simplifying the trading process.

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